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Cosmic Portals | Stones for S.A.D. – Seasonal Affective Disorder

Are you suffering from S.A.D. – Seasonal Affective Disorder? Crystal Life staff member Marissa Lada has a crystal grid that may help.

S.A.D. relief

Marissa is one of our staff super grid creators, fashioning sensitive grids from our vast collection of store crystals. Marissa holds a degree in interior and architural design and applies her talents to fashioning unique, sensitive household objects – she calls her style EcoSpiritual Decor.  Check out her blog Honey Lune Hivery and her Etsy store HoneyLuneHivery.

Marissa describes her grid:

The season of Winter is a time associated with festivals and festivities. Many religions celebrate a major event during this time, for Christians, this is Christmas, many Pagans, the Winter Solstice, the Muslims have Ramadan, and so on. But after this spurt of holiday cheer, the season can become quite dreary due to the lack of sun and cold air. Some people are more affected by the weather than others and it can lead to changes in their mood and energy levels.

Many people, including myself, suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) in winter. Symptoms of S.A.D. include fatigue, being excessively moody, and trouble sleeping. I feel I have heightened sensitivity at this time, due in part to the emotion enhancing water energy that winter is associated with. Depression, isolation, and low energy are all things I struggle with during these months.Marissa Lada

So in order to help combat these S.A.D. issues, I have put together some stones that work nicely with one another to battle those winter blues:

Apricot Agate – Also known as Peach Agate, this pink stone brings protective energy. Working with the heart chakra, it is a good emotional healer.

Lepidolite – Containing Lithium, Lepidolite helps balance mood swings and alleviate depression. It dispels negativity and overcomes insomnia.

Citrine – A stone of the sun, Citrine is a powerful cleanser and re-generator. It helps energize every level of life. Connecting to the solar plexus, it brings joy and positivity.

Sunstone – Connective to the sun’s energies, Sunstone cleanses the chakras, bringing joy and acting as an anti-depressant.

Carry this pairing with you this winter and keep those S.A.D. vibes away!

Staff Speak – Self Acceptance

Each and everyone of us has many aspects of ourselves.  Our society and backgrounds have taught us that some are “good” and some “bad.”  In labeling different aspects of ourselves such as a fleeting thought or behavior that is different from the norm as “bad,” we start to have conflict within ourself.  This conflict comes from the inner-self needing to do something, but the aspect of ourself that may be concerned with what society deems “right” or “wrong,” starts to judge the behavior and may start feeling bad for acting that way.  A example of this would be a person who grows up in a college educated family.  The dad is a Doctor, the mother a lawyer and older siblings finishing grad school.  In this family structure it is frowned upon to pursue a career in Music.

Self acceptance is key to minimizing the inner conflicts.  An affirmation such as ” I love and accept myself as I am,” can be said daily to help manifest this into your life.  There are stones that help with self acceptance as well. You can hold the stone while saying the affirmation out loud.  Then keep the stone in your pocket as a reminder of your self acceptance throughout the day.  Agate gently helps with self acceptance.  Pink Peruvian Opal brings in unconditional love and acceptance.  Chrysoprase release judgementalism while stimulating acceptance.  Rhyolite assists with self-respect and acceptance of your true self.  Sodalite helps you be true to who you are.

First: Root/Base Chakra

Name Muladhara Chakra: “Foundation”. Root Center, Base Chakra, Coccyx Center, Root Support.
Location Base of trunk. Between anus & genitals, connected to Coccyx, opens downward.
Symbol/Yantra 4 red-orange petals, chrome–gold inside.
Basic Principles
Survival. Physical will to be. Grounding, feeling love of universe, security. “I rejoice in my physical existence.”
Connects us with physical world: transfers cosmic energies to physical and earthly level, lets earthly energy stream into our subtle system. The memory center. Creates a consciousness of time through the power of memory, travel through time through memory.
Primal vital energy, primal trust, relating to Earth and the material world, stability, the power to succeed.
Ruling Planet Mars (solar, masculine)
Astrological Sign Aries. Aries/Mars, Taurus, Scorpio/Pluto, Capricorn/Saturn (in Ayurvedic teachings: the Sun).
Understanding Linear
Element Earth
Sounds Lower C (do). 261.2 cycles per second. LAM (said powerfully). Strongly rhythmic (stomping beat). Monotonous, emphatic rhythms: ancient music of primitive tribes. Sounds of nature. U (“ooh”).
Color Fiery red, also black. If red, tinged with blue, helps permeate vital with spiritual energy. Healthy chakra glows fiery red.
Deity Brahma, Ganesh. Shakti: Dakini.
Animal Elephant
Plants, Aromas Cedar (serenity, feeling security), clove (dissolves dammed up energies in root chakra, liberating self from old social patterns).
Gemstones Agate (seriousness, firmness, equanimity, dissolves negative emotions, protects inner self, stimulates esteem for own body). Bloodstone (blood jasper: cleansing, energizing of creative, feeling security within natural life cycle). Carnelian. Garnet (drive, willpower, self-confidence: helps heal diseases of genitals). Hematite (strength, energy). Red Jasper. Obsidian (awakening dormant unmanifested potential). Black Onyx. Red coral (encourages flexibility, remain rooted within Self while flowing along with life). Rhodonite. Ruby (harmonic synthesis between physical and spiritual love). Smokey Quartz. Black Tourmaline. Red & Black stones. Clear Quartz. All here help strengthen blood system in some way.
Nature Experience Dawn, sunset, fresh soil.
Age Child 1 — 7 acts from here, acquires language skills, relationships, cultural ways.
Sensory Function Smell
Body Issues: Parts, Glands, Hormones Everything solid, spine, bones, teeth, nails, legs, anus, rectum, colon, intestines, prostrate gland, blood, cell multiplication. Glands: suprarenal. Hormones: adrenaline, noradrenalin. Organ of cognition: nose. Organ of action: feet.
Body Issues: Proper Functioning Ground spiritual forces in body, gain ability to work lovingly on physical plane. Primal vital energy, primal trust, relating to earth and the material world, stability, the power to succeed, health, courage, patience, security.
Body Issues: Dark Aspects of Energy Violent behavior based on insecurity. A fearful person may strike out blindly like a cornered animal.
Body Issues: Insufficient Functioning Physical condition weak, lack physical and emotional stamina. Worry, uncertainty. Life is a burden. If higher chakras developed to detriment of the lower, sense not belong on earth; feels fearful, anxious, angry and frustrated. Blocked: feel fearful, anxious, angry & frustrated.
Body Issues: disharmonious functioning Thoughts and actions revolve around material possessions and security, or sensual indulgences and thrills. If challenged, easily irritated or upset.
Body Issues: Physical Problems Constipation and overweight (inability to let go, desire to maintain possessions). Anorexia (if sacral and solar plexus also blocked). Obesity, hemorrhoids, constipation, sciatica, degenerative arthritis, knee problems.
Sleep Mode On stomach, 10-12 hours.
Spin of the Chakra (facing the body) Female: left. Male: right.
Yogic Discipline Hatha Yoga (unfolding of awareness through cleansing, stimulating physical body through exercise), Kundalini Yoga.



Agate improves your energy and confidence. Gently shows you the truth of situations. Helps with emotional balance. Offers courage, balance, endurance to body, mind, spirit. Smooths and stabilizes the aura. Helps precision of inner sight.

Agates are grounding stones assisting in bringing about emotional, physical and mental balance.  They harmonize Yin/Yang and positive/negative energies, soothe and bring clarity and concentration to all situations.  Agates heal emotional trauma providing that sense of safety and security by dissolving tension.