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Dowsing to understand the nature of so-called negative energies on a piece of property can lead to some surprising insights. When a client calls me in because they are having problems with the energy on their land, we discuss what they perceive to be the situation. Then I walk around myself and listen to what the land has to say. There is often some energy imbalance that has been perpetrated by the unwitting interference of some human process; nature itself has a wonderful way of balancing its own domain.

Common Misconceptions

Roses - One of the highest frequency flowers - combines both beauty and thorns - light and dark, like most situations in life

Roses – One of the highest frequency flowers – combines both beauty and thorns – light and dark, like most situations in life

In our Western society, one situation I often see comes from an insistence that everything on the property has to be “good” and anything negative must be “destroyed.” The property owner’s pursuit of this, such as leveling sinkholes or fertilizing areas where grass won’t grow, is actually causing imbalance. They have pitted themselves in an unconscious battle with the nature forces of that piece of property. These forces are struggling to retain the health of the area in spite of human interference.

Once I show the homeowner how they are mis-perceiving the situation and show them how to connect with the energies of their property, they are very willing and ready to work in harmony with the nature spirits and always report back about remarkable beneficial changes. Believing they need to convert a negative frequency into a positive one is a common error among many good people. For example, a spiritual retreat center had built a ceremonial fire pit at the back of their lot. Nearby was a large patch of wild raspberry that really annoyed them. The retreat owners didn’t like the energy, and were thinking of ripping the bushes out. They wanted everything to be “spiritual” in that space.

Briar Bushes and Thorny Plants

Briar bushes and other such thorny plants gravitate to and do well in areas of negative energy. They can be extremely useful devices for keeping the energy of a property clear and balanced. In this case, the energetic conflict between the owners and the bushes was clogging up the effectiveness of this area. I am, most of the time, a full-body deviceless dowser—or, in other terms, an interdimensional communicator.

I use internal dowsing techniques to locate the frequency I am seeking. Once there, I use internal dowsing techniques to locate the band on which the life forms wish to communicate. Then we enter into a discussion of the situation and confer on what can be done. In this situation, the briar bushes were complaining about the landowners. The bushes were being energy blocked and thus could not perform their duty—eating the negative energies of the area. This was especially significant because so many seekers were coming to the area, seeking to release their own issues to make spiritual progress. There were some still undigested negative issues floating about the area from a recent ceremony at the full moon a few nights before! I explained the complaint to the owners. Once they understood the situation, they were more than willing to adjust their perceptions, and to value this area.

This area would be a strong asset to their spiritual purpose if it had a good supply of negative energy to nourish it. There was plenty of this food being released at every one of their energy-infusing ceremonies!! So the three of us worked together with the bushes to create an energy structure that would funnel the negative energy released during ceremony or meditative contemplation into the bushes. Both the bushes and the area itself thrived and the air became sparkling clear, just as the owners wished. Briar bushes are excellent areas for “catching” negative frequencies and clearing them from the environment.

An Exit Route

Once a group of energy workers—two friends and myself—were on a woodland walk. We passed an area where the ghost of a murdered Mafioso hung out, waiting for the return of his “friend” who had performed his contract murder. So he had a lot of bitterness, which we explained to him was senseless as he had died over fifty years before and the “friend” was by now also dead. During this period, he also had been changing for he had been looking after a little girl ghost in that vicinity.

Through this heart-offered care, he had earned enough “good karma points” to be able to go to the light. But he told us he would not go unless he could take the child as well—perhaps this was his last test—and she was off playing somewhere else. My friends shrugged and continued their walk, but I had lingered behind and the Mafioso approached me, the little girl now with him, and ready to transition. He indicated the appropriate place would be a briar patch. We saw that the energies there were compatible with his—negative with negative—and the transition was easily made.

In the foreground is the largest of three sinkhole vortexes (to the left of the two pine trees), the other two decreasing in size and going into the distance on the same ley line as the straight trees at the rear.

Sinkholes Other under-utilized negative land forms are the round sinkhole depressions present on many properties in the Great Lakes prairie area where I now live. The water table is very close to the surface here. The pull from earth shifts, and underground streams often cause depressions in the surface land. These sinkholes are similar to the briar bushes in their ability to eat negative energy. I learned about their usefulness from the nature spirits at a local preserve. It had been a hard few days. Walking through the preserve’s woods, I went up to a pine tree, placed my hands on it, and asked if it would please run some rejuvenating energy through my own energy field. A nature spirit gently communicated with me, from behind.

Right now, I was too clogged with stress for the tree to be able to help, the spirit explained. But if I would turn around, they could help me in another way. I turned and was guided to a small sinkhole. This area, the spirit explained, was a negative vortex. It had a counter-rotating field, and also a minor rotating field, that between the two loosened, then captured negative energy and pulled it down into the hole. The hole was collecting its own type of necessary food. If I would throw my stress into it, the sinkhole area would be fed and kept active and I would be cleared. Then the pine trees would have space to run their good frequencies through me. I listened, followed their instructions, and was wonderfully rejuvenated. On future trips to this space, I learned more. There were a number of sinkholes in that area, all near pine trees and operating at different frequencies. In this specific area there were three in a row, in three different sizes, each with a pine tree nearby and an ascending scale of energy removal from large, rough, and low to high and smooth like sandpaper or a higher octave of music. Moreover, in a line extending to either side of the series of three sinkholes, all trees were perfectly straight and strong, while many others in that area were curved in some manner. So the ley line energy the sinkholes were clearing affected the energies along its gridline as well.

Now, on occasion, I take a workshop to this preserve and teach others how to work with the sinkholes. Many people have sinkhole areas on their property and very often it would be more beneficial to work with this vortex than to attempt to remove it. A sinkhole area surrounded by thorny plants or a rose bush becomes doubly effective as a natural negative energy drain for that property.

Portals Negative energy vortexes are portals. However, a really well established portal, used for traveling between worlds, has a different energy. It is of necessity a more stable, balanced energy form, for it needs to serve as a doorway. The best portals consist of positive and negative energies in balance, the structure permanent. Some portals are cyclical and can be passed through only at particular periods of time. Some rotate between pulling in and sending out.

In new housing developments, owners sometimes feel shadowy presences in their home. When I investigate, I sometimes find the presences are nature beings who were on this side of their portal when it was bulldozed down and destroyed. They have become forlorn refugees seeking a way home. We discuss the situation, which can usually be corrected by the assistance of human intervention. We are truly the stewards of earth, capable of working in all the frequencies including the gross physical, which other life forms cannot do.

Assistance might include locating and holding stable a secondary portal nearby, sometimes guarded by other subtle life forms who need to be circumvented, or finding another potential doorway somewhere else on their grid that we can open for them to travel home.

Vortexes Negative energy vortexes are different from sluggish, overactive and chaotic energies. The function of the negative vortex is to pull energy in, while the positive vortex spins energy out. Sluggish, overactive and chaotic energies can occur internal to either the positive or negative polarity of a situation. Positive and negative vortexes can be located near each other. They can also occur in the same space, sharing or rotating dominance in a cyclical manner such as at different times of day or of year.Connected to any vortex, in some manner, is its polar opposite. This is because a vortex, like all else in our universe, is at its core a merkabah, or star tetrahedron.

A star tetrahedron consists of two polarities that spin counter to each other and keep each other clear and in motion. In any particular merkabah, one polarity may, for a time, dominate the other; the other may be invisible to the naked eye but it is always present. An example of this is a tornado. In this case, the counter-rotating negative polarity is so dominant it is destructive. If we could cap the tornado, it could be contained. On a piece of land, the same principles exist. An out-of-control vortex can be capped either by energizing its opposite within itself, or by locating the nearby area it is supposed to partner with and clearing and strengthening that one.

Sometimes sluggish energy is the problem. A vortex that is not functioning well is not doing its job.This can be due to many reasons, including the efforts of the property owners to change that section in some manner, or the blocking of its partner vortex (as by the placement of a house on its location). Chaotic energy can occur when a vortex is receiving mixed messages. It can occur when an area is in change itself and the new course forward is not yet set. It can also occur during a natural shift in a cyclical rhythm, when the energies in an area change, such as with the seasons or day/night or sun/moon tides.Positive chaotic periods are especially powerful in their potentials. The walls between worlds are thinnest and interdimensional travel is easy. We experience this on a daily basis, at dawn and dusk. This is changing time for the nature energies—the time when subtle forces are most easily seen and accessed. This is why, in all nature disciplines, twilight and dawn are known as the time when the nature spirits are closest to our world.

This is a reprint of one of Atala’s most popular articles. It first appeared in the Summer 2008 issue of “The American Dowser Quarterly Digest”, Volume 48, Issue No. 3. For more information on dowsing, please visit

root heart vertcl-1
This is a heart-shaped portal located near the alpha tree at a local park, with an inner earth heart-shaped portal at its base.

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Atala Toy is President of Crystal Life Technology, Inc. She is a consultant, lecturer and author in the field of consciousness. Her books include We Are Not Alone: A Guidebook on Interdimensional Cooperation; Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts: How to Talk With and Photograph Beings of Other Realms and Nature Spirits in American Trees - From Central Park to the Redwood Forests.

24 thoughts on “Cosmic Portal | The Positive Nature of Negative Energy

  1. Andrew

    Atala, this article was helpful in helping me better understand creation principles. Specifically, the way positive and negative vortexes establish a balanced space in which the thing to be created may exist. Thank you for your insight. 🙂

  2. stacey

    hi–thank you for this info—if land is cleared, can any negative forces that are released influence a person’s behaviour, especially if they are vulnerable from physical or mental ilness? How about dreams? And if so, how can that be remedied? Thank you, Stacey

    1. Kris

      Hello Atala. I have a question regarding portals. We live in a home that my parents built in a wooded area. For years we have been “haunted” by spirits that seem to come and go frequently. Although it seems the large dark shadow one stays here. There has even been what I call “parties” in the hallway that wake us up in the middle of the night…it sounds like a group of people that are talking at the same time but you cannot distinguish what they are saying. There is something that mimics our voices when that person is not at home and the usual on and off of appliances, doors and cabinets opening and shutting on their own, the staring thing and the one that bugs me the most is the poking at me and holding my legs down. But other than that we are use to it/them.

      The thing that concerns me is the energy in the house. I am an empath with pre-cognition and my daughter is one who goes into trances where people die and tells you what happened to them and their lives, so we are already sensitive to energy. I perceive the energy as “negative” as every time I move back here I am completely drained and there is always tons of chaos and illness here. I move away and I am well, I live here and I literally become increasingly ill and close to death over and over again. Everyone that lives/lived here has/had difficulty with illness and they are all better once they leave. I personally cannot seem to get better enough to have the stability to leave for very long and it is almost as if I keep getting sucked back into living here…there is always some chaos here that I have to come back for also simultaneously. The energy here is very heavy and extremely draining.

      I dreamed there is a portal next to the house, which led me to this site, but I am not certain of it. I am not picking up on any specific area in or around the house that would indicate this. However, I find it odd the amount and frequency of spirits traveling through here and the “negative” energy within and around the house itself. Everyone, friends and family, have had experiences with the entities and are also experience negative affects from this energy when they are here. I don’t know how to help them, myself nor the entities if they should need assistance. Is there something I can do to help our situation?

      Thank you.

      1. Atala Post author

        Hello Kris

        Well, that is quite a list of issues you’re encountering! Since you are an empath with pre-cognition, and you chose to move to this house, it would indicate there are lessons here for you to learn. They are too vast for me to answer in an email and I no longer do land consultations. It appears you are in New Jersey and do court reporting, which also plays into the type of energies that you have chosen to address in your life. If there are any police intuitives in your area, I would suggest you contact them to help you sort through these issues. If you have none that you know of, there is a very good police intuitive here in the Chicago area named Diane Kushenbach – you can find her on Facebook Diana Kushenbach Psychic Medium and also at her website She would most likely be able to assist you with your issues. She also has, on her Facebook page, posts addressing issues such as you are experiencing. Kind regards, Atala Toy

  3. Atala Toy

    My web master tells me:
    At the lower right side of the page is our RSS feed. It will give you a number of options, including the option to subscribe. Please let me know if you still have troubles. Atala

  4. Pat

    Thank you for explaining so much about how these energies work together. I just returned from a major planetary vortex – Lake Titicaca in Peru – where I worked with Light Codes there. I am very happy to find your info about how the land energies support and balance each other out.


    Pat Crosby

  5. Abigail

    Thank you for this informtion. You’re tuned in. Someday, we all will be 😉
    A friend would like me to ask a question to you.
    Is it bad to see a face in fire when it’s flying at you?
    I’m not entirely sure what to say, so if you have any suggestions, will you please comment back?
    Thank you.

    1. Atala Toy

      There are so many possible causes for seeing a face in a fire that it is impossible to say whether it is positive or negative. One thing your friend should learn from this experience is that such things are possible, and now that they know, they need to stay detached so they can see what is occurring. Unfortunately, in Western society, too many times when something approaches us from another realm, we’ve been taught it is a negative situation. This means even when something good approaches us, we pre-assume it is negative and this clouds how we interpret the information. From time immemorial, seers have looked into fire to receive messages from spirit. Your friend may have been pondering something at some point and the answer came forth from the fire. Or it could have been a fire spirit bringing a message. Fire spirits are quite intense, hence your friend’s uncertainty.

  6. Dani

    Hi, I’m Abigail’s friend that saw this face… It wasn’t completely detailed… I was thinking about how fire really speaks to us… but we can not hear it because it travels at a different frequency. Would that make any sense? And i didn’t see it randomly in the fire… it happened to be on my marshmellow (not trying to make this funny, but that’s where I saw it.) But I really would like to know if someone that has passed on is trying to contact me or something… or warning..? Suggestions?

    1. Atala Toy

      Hi Dani. You were opening up to energy with some very profound insights before you saw the image. When spirit wants to communicate with us, it tries any avenue it can to reach our conscious awareness. You got the idea, but did not move into the frequency the thought came from, so the energy came down more into the image on the marshmallow. Your own preconceptions affect how you then interpret the image: someone used to it might see a friendly face, someone taught these things are “evil” might impose a negative interpretation on it. Staying detached and observant permits you to see more accurately. And yes, the dead can speak to us if they wish. If it occurs after they have crossed over into the light, then loved ones do return with messages or assistance.

  7. faith

    Needing some questions answered on negative vortexs please. Where do you think they/it might lead to? If “you” got pulled into the vortex, would “you” be able to come back out? Would you come back the same person? If there were something on the inside doing the “pulling”, what would you think that to be? Are they known by any other name?

    1. Atala Toy

      Hello Faith. Excellent questions, it would take a book to answer!! Here are a few basic aspects to the situation.

      A simple negative vortex has a counter-clockwise spin, and is an area on a piece of property whose function is to suck in negative energies, to keep the land clear. When it is itself valued and cleared, it is a significant assistance to your land.

      You appear to be speaking about a vortex that leads into the dark energies, which is different. It is hard for Westerners to distinguish between these two because of our religious up-bringing that equates dark with evil and the “Devil” instead of referring to a group of life force beings whose job is to organize the dark polarity of the universe as v the light polarity. These forces need to be respected and one needs to be sure one understands the function of the space before entering into it. The space could also be a portal into the dark energy’s domains.

      However, very often a person thinks a space is dark when really it is just an energy they are afraid of. You need to learn more about yourself and correct this quality in yourself before you can see the vortex as benign.

      So before exploring such a location, you first need to do some self-education on energy and learn to work with energy from grade school up – not try a graduate school level project! Don’t explore such a site on your own, go with a friend. And certainly, if you have any local experts, ask them to teach you what is occurring.

  8. Faith

    Thank you for the answers. I would like to tell you more about myself & my experience. I host a true haunted house; the incident occured in what some have said is the heart of the house. There is also supposedly a positive vortex in this room. I dont believe in the devil, however I most certainly believe in dark, negative energy. I am a sensitive. If interested let me know. Your answer was very comforting. Thank You! Also, I didnt know you had a store, I only have a few minutes but from what I saw, it looks very interesting; I do plan on sending more time on your site.

  9. Atala Toy

    Often when there is a ghost, there is something that was left undone, or the exit was so abrupt that the shock kept the person, or a break off of the person’s vital existence, at the location. A break off means the image keeps repeating and doesn’t change. A ghost means there is cognition present. A break off needs to be cleared out, like cleaning up dirt. A ghost needs to have the situation explained and assistance given to transition it to the light. If the energy is dark, e.g. the ghost is of a person who was not good, then you have a situation you need to have an expert come look at. If the energy is coming from the earth, and there is a positive vortex in the room as well, then perhaps you are approaching it incorrectly. Most people try to seal off the negative vortex. Instead, you need to clean up and activate the negative vortex whose function is to drain off negative energies: when it is wrongfully sealed, then negative energies are still attracted to the area but can’t get out so instead back up over it and stay in the room. There are a lot of options here for you to sort through. As a sensitive, you have the opportunity to start learning about the subtleties of energy. Be sure not to put a bed or favorite chair, etc. over the negative vortex.

  10. kulbir

    Hi Atala,
    I came across your website as I was looking for some answers regarding portals/vortexes.

    I am completely new to this world, but I respect it wholeheartedly and wish to learn more. It all began, when I booked in for an energy field healing session. I was told that I am soul enhanced and have a high vibration, amongst many other fascinating, and true to my life, information. For a number of years I have been having a re occurring dream, whereby, something is sucking my own energy (it is very painful) from my chest and sometimes stomach area. It feels like an attack or invasion….but I always manage to defeat it, by praying for protection. Having discussed this with my energy healer, she is planning to check out my bedroom to see whether there is a vortex/portal break in dimensional space,causing the unpleasant dreams. In which case, the plan of action, would be to close it down I guess. I have had this dream from other locations/properties too. In the past I have heard something approaching me, as I am falling asleep, then the dream follows.
    Please could you advise me on how I could investigate myself? I need to be sure that this is handled correctly, especially in light of what I have learned reading your very informative article. My fear is that we close down a negative vortex unnecessarily, I am now thinking we just need to clear it.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Crystal Life

      Hello Kulber. Thank you for your query. Since the experience occurs in different locations, it appears the issue is more your personal energy field rather than your sleeping space. I would suggest you go to an energy worker who deals with personal issues, or to a reiki master. There are entities who feed off human emotions – the vital energies – and it appears this is what occurring. Congratulations – this is a not too serious wake up call to start learning about energy and how it can affect you. It would be best for you to pursue the matter before the universe ups the call.

      This is a free will universe and you have the right to powerfully forbid the energies to do this to you. However, since it occurs during sleep when they can surprise you, you need to drill it into your consciousness when you are awake that the next time they appear in your sleep, you are going to powerfully exert your own will power and declare “leave immediately. This is a free will universe and I want you to leave.” This has to be automatic so you instinctively respond in this way. The energies might try laughing at first at your “puny” attempt to stop them, but invoke your inner team – or if you don’t know them, invoke either a specific angel or religious master or Archangel Michael whose job is to defend humans – ask this protector to protect you and send the forces away, and declare again, over and over and over if necessary, that these forces need to leave you.

      You also need to examine yourself and see how your energy field is weak in that vital area and start changing your lifestyle so that the negative entities don’t have a way in. You have a weakness somewhere in your energy field, it could be from some past action that opened that particular gate or that your will power is weak in some area.

  11. kulbir

    Hi Atala,

    Thank you very much for your response. All makes sense,and I have a valuable contribution to make towards the healing session i have booked.
    I have known on some level that the issue is in my energy field and I know its since the age of 19/20. It took a while to recognize the pattern, and not to be too overwhelmed by it. Its very frustrating, as I do not know how to resolve this for myself….I am aware of what I went through at that age, however I am in a totally different place now – I dont know what triggers it. The last time I had this type of dream, I know I was feeling burdened and exhausted, so i think as I was vulnerable, it made it easier for these non serving energies to attack me. However, there have been times, when I have felt good and happy, and then Im so surprised that I experienced the same old routine again. I have even wondered, whether the attacking me! As in, my suppressed self or neglected self – maybe im not getting the lesson??
    Either way, it concerns me, and I know being frustrated wont help me either.
    I am glad that I have a clearer indication of what I can bring to the home healing session, my energy field healer is brilliant. She does deal with personal stuff too and has guided me for nearly a year now. The more I work with her, more and more stuff comes up! In her own words… I am a challenging case!
    Really happy I found your website, look forwarded to keeping updated all areas of your work.
    Love Kulbir xxx

  12. kulbir

    Hi Atala,
    I have just finished reading your book – We are not alone. Firstly I would like to congratulate you for sharing such an amazing and thought provoking piece of work. It was so reassuring to read a refreshing and thoroughly researched book -absolutely perfect for guiding me through the profound changes in 2012. From the bottom of my heart – thank you. Throughout the book you have referred to different religions and cultures to unify/compare the common understanding regarding the 2012 energy shift…….have you had the opportunity to study sikhism? as it is a fairly new religion (16th century) i wondered if you had come across the sikh guru’s teachings regarding 2012?
    I would love to receive any feedback regarding this.
    Once again, thanks for such an amazing, yet simple and beautifully complex book!! you have restored my faith and helped me to feel safe in my true belief in our creator. xxxx

    1. Crystal Life

      Hello Kulbir. Thank you for the feedback on the book. A next book will be out in June, working with these same concepts, do look for it – “Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts.” I have explored the writings of Guru Nanak Dev, as over the years I have explored a number of views of spirit, and found them beautiful and fruitful. But, no, I do not know his views on 2012. If you wish, please share here. Kind regards.

  13. kulbir

    Hi Atala, I look forward to reading your new book in June – sounds right up my street! Your work definitely feeds my curiosity! I actually don’t know Guru Nanak’s views on 2012, I am researching for an objective and reliable source. There are too many false interpretations out there. When I find an truthful source I will definitely share here. I am absolutely certain Guru Nanak and his successors – right through to Guru Gobind singh would have had documented powerful insights about 2012. A lot of what you written about (and alike authors) resonates with the principles of sikhism, it is unfortunate that these principles have become subject to fundamentalism. Service to humanity, protecting mother earth and “oneness” “inter connectivity” are huge foundations of sikhisim…this is why, from reading your book, i thought you may have some understanding of the sikh philosophy. Evidently, sikh means “to learn” in that we are students, learning about source – constantly evolving in an infinite and boundless universe.
    You talk a lot about Merkabah’s in your current book, i wondered, is there a relationship between this term and “mecca” the islamic holy place in saudi arabia?
    Thanks, Kulbir


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