From Our Friends – Haunted Woods – Burlington, WI

I’m attaching some photos of our trip to the ‘haunted woods’ hosted by Mary Sutherland of (BUFO, for Burlington UFO). Her website contains many such photos taken from previous tours. It appears that Burlington, Wisconsin is a ‘high strangeness’ town, containing many vortexes and unusual energies.

I highly encourage you to take her Saturday night tour of the ‘haunted woods’ and view/photo the unusual phenomenon for yourself. Burlington is about an hour’s drive north of St. Charles, IL.

In a downtown walk, Mary shows the secret societies’ influence, as seen by symbols and artifacts scattered all over town.

On Halloween, while the town celebrates, Mary will be hosting many great speakers at the town’s theater, including Stanton Friedman, Peter Moon, and others.

Mary takes folks into the woods and tells them to take photos. When the images are developed, all these other forms appear: streamers, “fairies,” and dual images that show multiple events happening at once: notice expressions and placement of hands etc. – Greg Stanton

Night woods

Night woods. Lori felt a presence here. Note the time distortion in this digital image; see Lori

Tunnel streamer in basement. Note how clear the image of the man is.

Tunnel streamer in basement. Note how clear the image of the man is.

Night woods. Blur streamer in background.

Night woods. Blur streamer in background.

Night lights - bull image. There were no lights here on the physical level.

Night lights – bull image. There were no lights here on the physical level.

Night woods - streamers.

night woods – streamers

Dual images

Dual images

Night woods. Dual image.

Night woods. dual image

Night woods. Fog and - fairy?

Night woods. fog and – fairy?

Night woods, streamer and - fairy?

night woods, streamer and – fairy?

10 thoughts on “From Our Friends – Haunted Woods – Burlington, WI

  1. Mary Ann Harrington

    i went to the Burlington forest and experienced orbs, streamers, fairies and streamers. Three days later I took pictures with the same camera at a reiki circle and then in my home. The double images, streamers, orbs and double exposures continued to occur. It is very fascinating.

  2. Atala Toy

    Hi Mary Ann. Yes, this is the interesting phenomena about the aliveness of all in the universe. Cameras can take on the consciousness of the user. They become sensitized to the scenes the user is photographing. Then when you go to another scene, they have already attuned to this, and it is easier for you to record the same frequency at a site perhaps less intensely “spirit” filled.

    It also has been reported that when a sensitve owner lets another person not as sensitive use their camera, for a few hours the camera can still take the “spirit” photos, but then it moves into the frequency of the new user.

    Part of the aliveness and oneness of all…

  3. Ron George Benston

    “Cameras can take on the consciousness of the user.” Wait! What?? And my tennis shoe takes on the consciousness of BigFoot and leaves giant footprints. Pffft. 8/

    1. Atala Toy

      Hi Ron
      Thanks for reading through the site. Yes, strange as it may seem, even seemingly inanimate objects are actually conscious. Quantum physicists discovered this with even the most basic components of creation – the atom and smaller. What the experimenter wishes to see occur actually affects how the atoms act! That’s why everything around a holy person takes on their spiritual energy, and everything around a rogue takes on their energy…people affect their environment. Why not try some experiments yourself, such as offering thanks to the objects in your home. You might just get a surprise at how much things can change!

    1. Atala Toy

      Usually people say that when they want to believe and just don’t have enough evidence to believe. If you are local – I’m hosting a nature spirit workshop this Sunday Sept 26 – you should come; for sure some of the folks will be getting orbs in their shots. Nothing like getting an orb in a photo to convince you…

    1. Crystal Life Post author

      Hello. Please click on the link in the original blog: that will take you to her information. Worth a visit!

  4. Deb Yates-Davis

    Hi there! Thanks for posting those amazing photos. I have gotten orb photos before, and am going up to Burlington Woods this weekend with some friends. We’ll be taking photos, digital and film both…I have gotten orb photos on my digital camera. I’m really excited about this, I’ve been wanting to go up there for quite some time now. Great comments for the neophytes, Atala! Nice to see such an accomplished metaphysician working for the Light 🙂 I’ll be posting once I have some photos to share….they’ll probably be up on my Facebook wall, hopefully I’ll manage that, I’m a bit technically challenged 😉


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