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Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography

It all began when a gnome invited me to take photos of some local moss faeries.  Next a tree spirit asked me to take his photograph. Gradually I became a photo chronicler of nature’s alternate earth reality – worlds whose life forms intelligently communicate with each other – and could do so with us as well…if we only listened. Enjoy these images of beauty, hope and inspiration.

These photographs are pigment on archival paper. Photos available as cards have a “Buy Now” link. All photos are also available, by special order via our website: 7×10 cards with envelope $3.50, 11×14 matted $38, 11×14 framed $60, 18×24 matted $60, 18×24 framed $120.

Rock Spirit

Rocks stay in one place a very long time. Once they get the hang of it, they start exploring their environment by fashioning images into their surface. Sometimes local devas or other interdimensional life forms participate as well, fashioning portraits and stories into the rocks in a very organic manner. And sometimes a friendly orb will hang out long enough to gets its photo taken as well…

Tree Spirit

Wood elves, trolls, greenmen….birds…hearts…and a good sense of humor. The character and personality of trees and the beings who live in them are vast and varied. Here are some of the personalities it’s been my distinct pleasure to converse with.

Animal Spirit

The dignity, intelligence and wisdom of animals have made them spirit guides for many people, over the ages. Here are some it has been my good fortune to communicate with.

Plant Spirit

Plants provide us humans with many things, including food, shelter, medicine – and beauty.

Scenic Spirit

We interact with nature on many different levels. Sometimes we build structures that express our love of some energy; or fulfil a practical function in a beautiful manner. Sometimes we just stand and in awe of how beautiful our earth is…

Rock Stars

Nature is our best artist. That beauty can be in the curve of a leaf, or a micro-section of a rock. Here are some of the “rock stars” of the nature world. 

Symbols & Messages

Symbols – they can be fashioned by humans to invite us to see different emotions, or to represent different passages of life!