Occasionally people will tell us that they don’t feel like they belong where they are living now, but they don’t know where they do belong! I can relate to that. When I first came to the Midwest from New York City I settled down temporarily in my brother’s hometown. When it was time to settle in, I must have looked at over 200 houses.  I felt sorry for the optimistic real estate lady who kept trying – but nothing worked. It’s hard when you are interdimensional, because you know what the house is saying when you check it out. None of the houses were saying, “Yes, come live here, we accept you!”

world-map-pinsFinally,I had a long hard talk at my inner round table with my guides. “You asked me to come to the Midwest,” I said. “Now where am I to go?”

“There is someplace we want you to go,” they replied, “but you don’t know the name, so we can’t point you to it.”

“Great,” I said back. “Now what am I supposed to do?”

Three days later the universe moved things around and an acquaintance mentioned a friend of a friend – Cait Benten – who does astro-relocation. I’d never heard of anything like that! She works with you and your chart, helping you locate the part of the world, state, city, even street, where you will be happiest. So I tried it out. She worked with me, explaining where I should not move, and two options where I could move and be happy. One was a place called St. Charles, IL – I’d never even heard of it. So I got out my map, got in the car, and as I got nearer and nearer to St. Charles, I literally felt myself getting very happy and feeling very, very welcome! I loved this little town the minute I saw it, quickly located a real estate agent, and on the second time out with her, took two steps inside the front door of a little ranch house in the quaint downtown area – and fell in love with it – and it with me!

So should you need a bit of a boost finding where you belong, in these changing times, I highly recommend this unusual and valuable service!