Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is what consciousness looks like before it becomes form. Light develops geometric patterns as it begins to hold energy in place. Atala Toy, author of three books on consciousness, will explain how you can work with sacred geometry to bring peace and order to your personal life.

9 – 10 AM
Doors open at 8:50 am for class participants.

Atala Toy is President of Crystal Life Technology, Inc. She is an expert, consultant, lecturer and author in the field of consciousness; her books include “We Are Not Alone; A Guidebook on Interdimensional Cooperation” and “Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts: How to talk with and photograph beings of other realms.”

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About Tracy

Tracy is founding President Emeritus of Blue Papaya and Digital Media Director at Crystal Life. One of the pioneering Indigos who came in from the elemental world, she is also the mother to three children with expanded awareness.