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ISIC | Akashic Records

Akashic Records are about the origin of the Soul’s journey from the beginning of time. It can be likened to the storage on a hard drive of a computer or a GPS system informing you of where you have been and where you are and direction you are heading. They offer support and provide a sacred space while you learn to trust yourself finding your own Soul’s journey. This information has the ability to guide you from where you are now and form a bridge to where you want to go and assist you in expressing your Soul’s purpose, gifts and message. As a certified Akashic Record Consultant, I can tap into your deepest truth and give you clear answers which shifts energy and produces rapid results that can be felt and realized immediately.

photo-44As this sacred information is accessed, it holds the key to clear away years of pain and suffering, old thought patterns, disappointment and emotional unrest in releasing energies that kept you confused, stalled and stuck and thinking that no longer serves you. With the energy shifts comes practical action steps to create the experience you desire.

Your awareness is heightened and you rapidly begin to feel good about trusting yourself and your decisions as well as feeling self-empowered experiencing a sense of freedom. As a result of taking responsibility for your wholeness, you begin to understand the Oneness of your Sacred Self and Soul, Universal Energy and Divine Source. This clarity will amaze you as you receive answers to your questions and you uncover (it’s already there) what your Soul’s Journey is and how it holds the Energy to sustain serving your Purpose.

The bottom line is the freedom obtained allows you to act on your own behalf in a positive loving way. As you consult with the Records, they will assist you in creating changes in your Lifestyle or support a Business Model which works in harmony with your purpose, passion and personality.

 Sandy, and Wendy Reynolds will be speaking about Akashic Records at the September 9 ISIC meeting for holistic professional practitioners.

Sandy Passmore, LLC, is a lifestyle and success coach. Sandy is certified as an Akashic Record Consultant. Sandy uses the Records as a resource and tool for personal freedom and believes that accessing the Records on your behalf can clear away years of pain, suffering, disappointment and emotional unrest. This freedom allows clear action on your own behalf in a positive loving way. To learn more about Sandy’s work, visit her website

How Does Chakra Jewelry Help Me?

Chakra Jewelry helps you clear, balance and strengthen your body / mind / spirit energy. Chakra Jewelry is part of Crystal Life’s Resonance® – Jewelry with Purpose® line.

chakra_mala_8mm_2-2We have an entire area inside our Energy room stocked with Chakra Balancing Products, including Jewelry, Stones and Home Products.

The body’s chakras are focal points that organize energy for your use. Yogis have worked with the body’s chakra system for thousands of years. They have extensively explored this system, mapping it and locating the most appropriate herbs, gemstones, sounds and images to optimize each chakra’s energy.

We have prepared for your use a detailed Graph of the Chakra System, with extensive information of each chakra.

chakraDiagram (1)The chakras are energy vortexes in your body by which various aspects of universal energy are “stepped down” for specific uses. While there are thousands of chakras in your body, the seven major ones are: the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base. When you want to clear and stabilize the chakras, wearing a piece of gemstone jewelry associated with the chakra of interest is an excellent method to proceed. This is why we have focused our attention on providing you with yoga chakra jewelry.

When you work with the chakras, you first need to distinguish the energies of each chakra. Then you learn to combine the energies of the various vortexes to accomplish specific tasks. And third you learn to unengage the chakras when the work is completed, so that each can return to its own spectrum of work, and so be prepared for the next project. Working with Yoga Chakra Jewelry helps you to center your energy for each of these tasks. You can change your jewelry as you change your focus. You can complete the process by wearing a piece of jewelry that combines all seven chakras.

Self-acknowledgement and self-awareness are key ingredients in this work. A personal introspective program is invaluable. This can consist of prayer, reflection, meditation, inspirational reading, or simply sitting on a beach or walking in the woods and in that relaxed state pondering the topic. We recommend your working with our seven-gemstone and nine-gemstone chakra prayer beads and jewelry for this purpose. They provide you with the full spectrum of yoga chakra energy.

The chakras divide into two areas of energy, connected and balanced by the heart chakra. The three upper chakras take care of mental and spiritual functions and the three lower chakras take care of emotional and physical functions.

Upper Chakras – Mental, Spiritual Functions


7 Crown Chakra Yoga Chakra Jewelry for the crown chakra focuses on clear quartz, white howlite and white onyx. The Crown Chakra connects us to universal knowledge.

Information from our Yoga Chakra Jewelry chakra chart: When properly functioning, the crown chakra provides:

Satchitananda (truth, being, bliss). Integration of all polarities. Transcending. As seventh opens, more and more moments occur when division between inner being and outer life recedes. Consciousness completely calm and open, experience real Self as part of omnipresent pure Being which contains all matter. Just as all colors of the spectrum unite in colorless light, the highest chakra unites in itself all energies of the lower centers.

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Lapis Lazuli Necklace

6 Third Eye Chakra

Yoga Chakra Jewelry for the third eye chakra includes amethyst, rainbow fluorite, charoite and lapis lazuli. The Third Eye develops wisdom and orders our mental functions.

Information from our Yoga Chakra Jewelry chakra chart: When properly functioning, the third eye chakra provides:

Clairvoyance. Intuitive knowledge available for help in making decisions. Reveals Divine within and reflects divinity within others. See light around head. Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna meet here: negative and positive equalized. Can destroy dark past, hasten golden future. Clear seeing and intuitive sight. Recognizing, conscious perception of being. Seat of higher mental powers, intellectual capacity to distinguish, memory and will. Physic plane: highest center of command of central nervous system. Seat of attunement of consciousness; can manifest and dematerialize matter, create new realities and dissolve old ones at physical level. With open heart center, can send out healing energies.

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blue lace agate necklace

5 Throat ChakraYoga Chakra Jewelry for the throat chakra includes blue lace agate, sodalite and aquamarine. The throat chakra permits us to communicate with spirit and with other humans. Most singers, artists and writers have active throat chakras.

Information from our Yoga Chakra Jewelry chakra chart: When properly functioning, the throat chakra provides:

Poets, singers. Understand cosmic laws, God and life. Calmness, serenity, purity. Communicating, transmitting. Find own individual expression of perfection on all levels of being. Completely open: express feelings, thoughts and inner knowing freely, without fear. Inner honesty towards self, others, express by upright posture. You can fully express self or remain silent. Voice full, melodious. Faced with difficulties, one remains true to self and says “no.” Others’ opinions do not sway you. Free of prejudices, possessing great inner spaciousness, open to reality of subtle dimensions. Capable of communicating directly with life from other spheres of being and pass on knowledge without fear. Ability to compose poetry, interpret scriptures. Makes one youthful and a good teacher of spiritual science. Cosmic laws of God and life understood and lived. Calmness, serenity, purity, melodious voice and good command of speech.

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Central Chakra – Universal Love & Connection

Aventure Prayer Beads Mala

4 Heart ChakraYoga Chakra Jewelry for the heart chakra includes rose quartz, rhodonite and aventurine. The heart chakra is the pivotal point between the mental (upper three chakras) and the emotional (lower three chakras). This chakra offers love and oneness for all.

Information from our Yoga Chakra Jewelry chakra chart: When properly functioning, the heart chakra provides:

If this chakra is open, all other chakras come into alignment with it. Compassion, ability to see and feel through eyes and hearts of other person without losing or betraying self. Perpetually happy; no longer any concern for worldly pleasures, honors, humiliations; desires cease to be a problem; live in harmony with internal/external worlds; energy, self-generating and self-emanating. Love, faith, devotion, duty. Inspire others to feel peace, calm in presence. Time and space surrender; can travel any place in the world; Divine Heart embodies universal consciousness. Helps redefine perception accompanying opening of third eye, for devotion of heart makes us receptive to subtler aspects of Creation. Higher capacities of the third eye develop concurrently with the unfolding of the heart chakra. For this reason, many spiritual disciples East and West concentrate on opening of heart chakra. Harmonious functioning: understand life in purest form: an everlasting expression of divine love and bliss.

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 Lower Chakras – Emotions, Physical World


3 Solarplexus ChakraYoga Chakra Jewelry for the solar plexus chakra includes citrine, tiger eye, yellow calcite and honey jasper. The solar plexus deals with our self-image and our sense of joy.

Information from our Yoga Chakra Jewelry chakra chart: When properly functioning, the solar plexus chakra provides:

Immortality, authority, name, fame. Visualizations useful. Conquer sorrow & suffering: no matter what happens, won’t feel sad or miserable. Healing power, power of transmutation: blessing or curse, depending on how used. Enlightened, full of joy when open. Amount of light determines clearness of vision, quality see. Through integrity, gradually transfers yellow light of intellectual understanding into gold light of wisdom and abundance. Harmoniously functioning; feeling inner peace, inner harmony with Self, life in general, your place in life. Can accept self completely, also respect feelings and character traits of others. No matter what happens, won’t feel sad or miserable as true contentment, faith tht what is occuring is for the best; power of transmutation (blessing or curse, depending on how used). Shaping of being: power, authority, name and fame, developing ego. If inner eye, crown also open, recognize all visible matter consists of varying light vibrations, wishes fulfilled spontaneously as so closely connected to energy of light in all things that atttract everying in search of. Self control, warmth, humor, laughter.

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carnelian necklace for support and prosperity

2 Sacral ChakraYoga Chakra Jewelry for the sacral chakra includes Carnelian and Orange Agate. The Sacral Chakra is concerned with good relations with another and with our community.

Information from our Yoga Chakra Jewelry chakra chart: When properly functioning, the sacral chakra provides:

Purifying, starts things to flow. Natural flow of life and feelings; of creative life energy flowing through body, soul, mind. Utilization of creative forces in all aspects being. Emotionally gratified. Creative reproduction of being: sensation, sexuality, family, fantasy. Primal feelings, flowing with life, sensuality, eroticism, creativity, awe and enthusiasm.

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garnet sacred space with some focal point suggestions

1 Root ChakraYoga Chakra Jewelry for the base chakra includes Hematite, Black Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Garnet and Red Jasper. The Base Chakra offers us good relations with the world and the universe.

Information from our Yoga Chakra Jewelry chakra chart: When properly functioning, the base chakra provides:

Ground spiritual forces in body, gain ability to work lovingly on physical plane. Primal vital energy, primal trust, relating to earth and the material world, stability, the power to succeed, health, courage, patience, security.

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We have a dedicated website for this jewelry –  .


How Energy Jewelry Helps You

Crystal Life joined with Biomagnetic Research to create a unique  line of Energy Jewelry that combines healing crystals and gemstones with a remarkable resonant ceramic catalyst.

psychic-chakra-bracelet-4This Energy Jewelry clears and balances energy in very specific ways and is part of Crystal Life’s line known as Resonance® – Jewelry with Purpose®.

Resonance® Energy Jewelry is gentle and non-invasive. It works holistically, helping you live in a balanced state that encourages good health. It is a form of Environmental Protection Jewelry, alleviating the stress that occurs from today’s frequency-polluted environment (cell phones, computers, microwaves, etc.)


This Jewelry with Purpose® combines a ceramic catalyst bead with gemstones. The ceramic catalyst bead is based on the original Egyptian faience beads. The ceramic bead keeps your energy, and the crystal bead energy, resonantly clear. The selected gemstones resonate at specific frequencies. The combination helps to stabilize and strengthen specific frequencies in personal energy fields and environs.

The Crystal Catalyst alters the nature of most harmful energies before they strike the body, removing environmental stress and allowing the body to resume normal functions. The Energy Jewelry’s ceramic bead is fired in a special energy field which realigns molecules so that they absorb the energies that strike them and pulse them out in a beneficial form.

soft energy animal bead

 Our Energy Jewelry line includes pendants, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, bookbag and purse charms – and animal collar beads.

There are five frequencies covered by this line of Energy Jewelry: Protective Energy (black), Peace Energy (white), Dynamic Energy (cobalt blue), Gentle & Psychic Energy (turquoise), Change Energy (maroon).

 Strong Healthy Energy Jewelry – Handcrafted Utilizing the Cobalt Blue Crystal Catalyst Bead

cobalt_blue_bead_lThese pieces of  Energy Jewelry are made with a cobalt blue ceramic catalyst bead. This color bead emits a field of strong, healthy energy. It balances back to centered, healthy energy whatever it is placed near, whether that is a person, animal, plant, gem­stones, home or office. Based on ancient Egyptian faience, this resonant ceramic is a combination of rare materials specially fired. The cobalt blue bead is excellent for people seeking to regain physical health, suffering from aches and pains, working around electronics, athletes seeking to sustain endurance dur­ing play. Gemstones energize specific aspects of good health. Chakra items balance the chakras and include: red jasper, or­ange aventurine, yellow calcite, green African Jade, Lapis lazuli or sodalite, amethyst, quartz. Zen items include carnelian and copper on cotton cord.

Gentle Healthy Energy Jewelry – Handcrafted Utilizing the Turquoise Blue Crystal Catalyst Bead

turquoise_bead_lThese pieces of Energy Jewelry are made with a turquoise blue ceramic catalyst bead. This color bead emits a field of gentle, healthy energy. It balances back to centered, healthy energy whatever it is placed near, whether that is a person, animal, plant, gem­stones, home or office. Based on ancient Egyptian faience, this resonant ceramic is a combination of rare materials specially fired. The turquoise blue bead has a soft energy excellent for gentle people seeking to regain physical health, suffering from aches and pains, working around electronics. Gemstones energize specific aspects of good health. Chakra items balance the chakras and include: carnelian, orange aventurine, yellow cal­cite, green aventurine, blue lace agate, amethyst, quartz. Zen items include new jade and copper on cotton cord.

Peaceful Energy Jewelry – Handcrafted Utilizing the Creamy White Crystal Catalyst Bead

white_bead_lThis peace-instilling energy jewelry is made with a creamy white ceramic catalyst bead. The creamy-white bead protects you by emitting a field of peaceful energy that affects you and anyone or anything approaching you. It balances back to centered, peaceful energy whatever it is placed near, whether that is a person, animal, plant, gemstones, home or office. Based on ancient Egyptian faience, this resonant ceramic is a combina­tion of rare materials specially fired. The creamy white bead is excellent for people seeking to resolve emotional situations through peace, and those whose immune system has been seriously compromised. This bead helps gently move your energy back into balance. When combined with gemstones or geometrics, the bead’s energy is tailored for a specific use. Gemstones include: silver bracelets have frosted crystal (angelic peace); zen items have howlite (skeletal strength) and copper on cotton cord.

Protective Energy Jewelry – Handcrafted Utilizing the Blue/Black Crystal Catalyst Bead

black_bead_saThis protective energy jewelry – for you and your animals – combines a blue-black ceramic catalyst bead with gemstone beads, the combination generating a protective energy. All gemstone & ceramic bead combinations help protect from objects such as electronics, cell phones and computers that tend to drain physical energy, and are especially useful if these objects have particularly aggressive energy where you live or work. The zen bracelets and silver bracelets are combined with hematite and they block incoming negative energies such as encountered when traveling, presenting, and selling. The Silver pendants contain tourmalinated quartz and dissipate negative energies that have infiltrated your energy field such as from family and co-workers.

Changing Energy Jewelry – Handcrafted Utilizing the Maroon Crystal Catalyst Bead

maroon_bead_lHarmonizing energy jewelry – for you and your animals – is especially useful when going through change or in a situation where change is surrounding you or your animals, such as the earth changes going on nowadays or a change in your working or living space. It is also very useful for people going through mid-life changes – for men in mid-life crisis and for women in menopause – also for women’s monthly cycles. The maroon bead helps soften the energy field so that change comes easily; the unakite and pyrite offer protection and grounding. Based on ancient Egyptian faience, this resonant ceramic is a combination of rare materials specially fired. The earth change silver bracelet combines aventurine, rainbow fluorite and rose quartz, and is useful for those affected by the earth changes.

To learn more, please visit our dedicated website

ISIC | Cords, Anchors, and Intrusions

Many energy workers are well aware of the energetic structures that drain energy. While there are positive lessons to come from their presence in your life, it is wise to ensure that your energy field is clear of these obstructions after observing the lesson at hand. If you are unable to learn from them, they will continue to pose an issue in your life. As with anything in life, once you are conscious of the reasoning, the problem will be resolved.

There are many ways to interpret energy being drained. Sometimes this manifests as a cord. Cords come in all shapes and sizes. They can be described as tentacles that extend from the auric field, and burrow deep into the field or energetic body of the person being drained. Typically someone who you have a close relationship with is attached to you by a relatively thick cord. If you have an acquaintance that happens to drain energy from you, the cord would be much smaller than someone dear to you. This can be attributed to the length of your relationship, and how much you are willing to give up for this person. Most of the time, being energy workers, we are unconsciously willing to offer our energy for the benefit others. We must leave behind the martyrdom and decided to take care of ourselves. When “cutting cords”, a handy tip it to visualize not only the cord being severed, but also cauterized so that they may not reattach. It may also be helpful to silently offer a distance healing session to this person, or perhaps a prayer that they, in addition to yourself, may be wrapped in healing energy.

Anchors (or “Hooks”) are a slightly more aggressive form of cords that appear in people’s energy field. These require a bit more visualization and intent to remove. Before doing any energy work, it is crucial to keep in mind that you CAN do whatever you intend, and that it WILL work. Intent is where your power lies. After removing any form of cord, the hole in the field must be patched up. Depending on the strength of a given energy field, this may require a range of attention. Visualizing the gap being filled with white light (therefore restructuring the grid) should do the trick.

Much like a leech, an intrusion is a small being that feeds off of the light body. Usually these are not associated to another person, but rather they are independent. Intrusions also come in a variety of embodiments. They can show up like a worm, a cluster of tiny specs, or a spiked ball. There is a vast amount of different kinds. Salt baths, in addition to visualizations will get these out of your field. You may ask that they be joyfully returned to their source after expressing your gratitude for the lessons they offered to you. Sound healing like Singing Bowls, Tingshas, or humming certain notes associated to the Chakras are great techniques for disrupting dense negative energy that is difficult to manage with only visualization.

We all must remember that a majority of the time these cords and anchors are not intentionally sent out. They are, in a sense, a call for help. We must also remember to cut and remove the cords that we are sending out to others. Most people do not want to admit this, but I’ll be the one who says it, we all do it. Until we are fully conscious of our energy fields, there will be unintentional cords coming into and out of us. Let it go and cut the cords. Likewise, until we take control of the stability of our energy field, many energies are able to enter without our knowledge. One may say that the general purpose of these experiences would be to strengthen our awareness of ourselves and our varying energies.


Green Apophyllite

Green Apophyllite

Zeolites have gentle, soft energy due to their high water content. They are useful for their detoxification and purification powers – of body, mind and spirit as well as the physical environment. They are happy stones, and help maintain peaceful joy in a room. Apophyllite and Stilbite are part of the zeolite family.





Tourmaline, Pink

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline, also known as Rubellite, helps to pull out energetic imbalances focused around the heart and love. It works on the heart and the base chakra, thus helping you remove obstacles and establish a solid base so that you can experience true love, human to universal.  Often used to establish a healthy emotional connection to the earth and other beings, and to overcome issues arising from abusive situations.