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From Our Friends – Siren Song of the Night

Sometimes our customers can be very enthusiastic about our line of energy products! Wendy Juhl liked hers so much, she reviewed them on her blog site, Siren Song of the Night , where she wrote:

I got happy mail today.  Yay!  I purchased some wonderful items from Crystal Life Technology, Inc.  I was so excited to receive them in the mail.  I splurged on them as a commitment to myself to make my life better.  For those of you who have been following my blog for a long time, you know that I sometimes discuss spirituality, energy, etc.  I have mentioned before that I believe that everything of the natural world has an essence, spirit or soul, so what I say later in this blog post won’t be much of a surprise to you.  For those of you who aren’t into that sort of thing, check out the gorgeous gemstone jewelry!  Before I show you exactly what I bought, let me stress that I am not a professional photographer, so I will be including links to the specific items I purchased so you can see the super awesome photos of what I got on the Crystal Life website.

I could not be more pleased with my order.  It arrived quickly and everything was packaged beautifully.  Here’s a photo of what I got in the package: 

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a crystal guide (yellow orange paper) and pamphlet about the company along with the jewelry and book that I bought.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a crystal guide (yellow orange paper) and pamphlet about the company along with the jewelry and book that I bought.

The first thing that I bought was a book by Atala Toy called Nature Spirits in American Trees (upper right of photo).  It is full of gorgeous photography of trees that have shapes in them that look like people, animals, etc.  I can’t tear my eyes away from these photos.  I’m keeping this book in my art space for constant inspiration.  I own two other books by Atala Dorothy Toy that I’m currently reading.  I find them fascinating.  The titles of the books are We Are Not Alone: A Complete Guide to Interdimensional Cooperation and Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides, And Ghosts: How to Talk with and Photograph Beings of Other Realms.  I’m super excited to have this new book about the trees, because I’m a big tree hugger (not in the hippie sense, but in the sense that I enjoy actually hugging trees).  I love trees!  Trees have such great energy and can impart great wisdom.

I also bought some amazing gemstone jewelry.  I particularly like that the jewelry was created with positive intent and energy for those that would wear it.  Here’s a photo of the unboxing:


Clockwise from top left: Nature Spirits in American Trees (book) by Atala Toy, Amethyst Sacred Space Mala/Prayer Beads, Blue Lace Agate Resonance Jewelry with Purpose, Black Tourmaline Resonance Jewelry with Purpose, business card.

I can’t say enough good things about the jewelry.  It has such pure, clean, positive energy that it’s mind-blowingly awesome.  The quality of the stones and the jewelry itself is amazing.  I used to create jewelry and I worked a lot with gemstones, so I can appreciate just how wonderful these pieces are.

The second item I purchased was an Amethyst Sacred Space Mala (or prayer beads).  In 2007, I made a mala for myself out of sandalwood beads, but it was destroyed accidentally while I was on vacation in 2008.  It took me years before I felt I was ready to get another mala.  I was reading We Are Not Alone by Atala Dorothy Toy one night and in the book, she mentions that she opened a store, so I decided to check out the website.  I fell in love with this:





Amethyst Sacred Space Mala modeled by moi in my kitchen.

I first wore the mala when I went to take this picture.  I have not felt such a surge of energy or overwhelming emotion when coming in contact with crystals as I did when I put this mala on my wrist.  I was filled to overflowing with joy so intense that tears actually came to my eyes.  You see, I was somewhat hesitant about buying this mala, but my intuition kept prodding me to buy it because the stones would help me move forward towards having a more fulfilling life.

I often work with crystals who are particularly ‘friendly’ with me (more like roommates or family to me) in various aspects of my life.  I knew that I had made the right decision when I put the mala on.  I really love that I can wrap it several times around my wrist or twice around my neck and it’s the perfect length either way.

Another thing that I really love and appreciate about Crystal Life is that they provide information about each of the stones that you buy.  Here is their description for this product: “Amethyst: Stone of wisdom.  Offers a peaceful, centered awareness.  Clears, harmonizes and stabilizes all levels of positive consciousness.  Helps protect the wearer in stressful situations.  Our jewelry and prayer beads are peacefully and energetically USA handcrafted by Crystal Life.  Jewelry styles are either 100% silk cord with sterling silver fasteners; tough, flexible stainless steel wire with jeweler’s metal fasteners; or power bracelets on strong stretch cord.  Specimens are hand-selected by us.”–copyright 2012  You know what’s also cool?!  Purple is my favorite color.



The third item that I purchased was a raw black tourmaline pendant.  Here’s a photo:

I usually work with black or rainbow obsidian.  The strength and intensity of the obsidian energy works really well for me, so when my intuition was practically screaming at me about wearing this black tourmaline pendant, I was surprised.  I’ve always felt like black tourmaline has a gentler energy than obsidian, but this baby packs a punch!  Its energy is so pure, strong, intense and soothing to me.  I spend a lot of time getting rid of/transmuting negative energy whenever I come in contact with it, so obsidian and black tourmaline are great stones for me to work with.  Wearing it is like getting an all day hug from a long lost friend.  I was particularly excited that I could get it in raw form, because I love the way tourmaline looks raw.  Any type of tourmaline is good.  The tourmaline family is full of excellent healing stones.  I definitely recommend them.  Click here to link to the pendant I bought on the Crystal Life website.

This is what the card says that the pendant was attached to: “Black Tourmaline dissipates negative energies from inside your energy field, places protective shield instead.  Protects from cell phones, radiation, psychic attack, spells.  Strengthens immune system, treats dyslexia and arthritis.”–copyright 2012

Wendy5The fourth item I bought is a blue lace agate.  Here’s a photo.

I used to have a tumbled blue lace agate stone years ago, but I think I gave it to a friend.  I have some crystals who want to work with me long term (such as my amethyst pendulum, my tumbled rainbow obsidian stone, my diamantine quartz wand and a bunch of others) and others that stay with me for awhile and then want to go to new homes.  I’ve actually considered opening an online crystal adoption program [by which I mean store].  To see a better photo of this pendant, please click here.

Something I really want to promote in my life and the world is peace and acceptance.  When I read about what blue lace agate does, I had to buy this pendant too.  Here’s the description that came with it: “Blue Lace Agate: Peaceful stone.  Nourishes body, mind, spirit with gentle, non-judgmental acceptance.  Connects you to higher realms of spirit to dissolve old patterns and addictions, to receive positive information and support.  Throat chakra.”–copyright 2012

One thing that I’ve noticed about the crystals I normally gravitate towards is that they are usually attuned to the higher vibrational frequencies and are associated with the throat, third eye and crown chakras (or all three).  It’s a pattern I’ve noticed lately.  Anyway, I’d like to say a super huge thank you to Crystal Life for the amazing crystals I received in the mail today.  This was my first time purchasing anything from them and I was so happy with what I received that I just ordered a black kyanite wing-shaped crystal for my apartment.  I’ll blog about that when I get it.

Here’s a selfie showing me wearing my new amethyst mala and black tourmaline pendant (the ammonite pendant was a gift from my mom that she gave me a few years ago):



Have an awesome day everyone!  If you’re into crystals, please check out the Crystal Life website.  They have amazing products and a wonderful library of information.



ISIC – Power of Thoughts

“Thoughts are things” – Edward Cayce

There is an unseen energy layer before the physical dimension, between manifest (3rd) dimension and the un-manifest, unlimited potential of the non-physical realm.

Thoughts make up the bridge between those realms.  Un-manifested energy takes shape via our thoughts before they manifest and take shape in actual physical 3-dimensional reality.

That means ALL THOUGHTS have power and have results.  They affect matter in the physical realm.

water 1Now, there is no current way of measuring thoughts in our Western laboratory type scientific methods.  But the closest way we’ve come to measuring them was in a famous demonstration by Dr Emoto Masaru’s water experiment, where different thoughts, prayers, and intentions were directed at distilled water.

The water was then frozen and looked at under a microscope to observe the different crystallized shapes that had formed.

The positive thoughts (love and gratitude, Thank You, truth) had geometric forms.  The Negative thoughts (hate, disgust, evil) had distorted, random shapes.

More info can be found on Dr. Emoto’s website.

Another relation to this experiment is Cymatics in music (visible geometric shapes produced by sound wave vibration frequency), which show very similar geometric patterns, that are different for each pitch or note (ie change in frequency).volpe 3

Click here to see a short demonstration of cymatics, on YouTube.

Click here to see a a more detailed demonstration of cymatics, on YouTube

Snowflakes also show these geometric patterns.

Volpe 2

(As shown in the photographs of snowflakes to the right taken by Wilson Bentley)

Putting it all together, if water crystal patterns have been shown to change form by the  thoughts they “carry”, via different geometric shapes, similar to how sound waves are carried as different shapes, a hypothesis can be made that these thoughts take on geometric patterns in the unseen dimension before physical matter.  The water crystals essentially illustrate this.

Sacred Geometry is described as the geometry that light takes to form matter in it’s descent from the non-physical to the physical.

Sri YantraThoughts can then be looked as patterns of (sacred) geometry influencing and forming matter as it comes from the unseen (unmanifest) to the seen (manifest physical 3-D dimension).

Thoughts are the connection between dimensions, influencing what happens in our personal reality and overall reality.

This is where the power of attraction works.  You think positive, you attract positive.  You think negative, you attract negative.  It’s a basic way of saying that thoughts form and shape our realities.

Your thoughts are vibrations or wavelengths that are “read” as geometric patterns, and are beacons of vibrations that attract similar vibrations back to it.  It’s like calling in that vibration.

Meditation helps silence the mind, allowing you to control your thoughts.

When thinking negative thoughts, catch yourself, stop the thought, and think about something you are thankful for in life, and give thanks.  Watch the results of how this affects your daily life!

This post is from Michael Volpe, a member of ISIC. Michael is a Chicago and Suburban real estate agent who seeks to energetically match a client with the appropriate home.

In his off-hours Mike likes to explore consciousness topics, music theory, and is currently studying to teach meditation.


Atala Toy – You’re On Your Own!

I’m fortunate to know quite a few energy workers, alternate practitioners, and alternative business Atala Toy blueowners. Most of us have experienced the same situation. At some point over the past year, it has appeared to each of us that our inner team, or guides, have deserted us. It is very distressing, because up to now each of us has considered ourselves very blessed to have such wise colleagues to consult with, and protect us in our work.

All the affected humans are folks who are very familiar, and comfortable, with interdimensional communication. We converse regularly with beings of other worlds, including our inner teams of guides and co-workers. Suddenly, when seeking assistance on a matter – nothing – silence.

When we become concerned, and call intensely to our formerly very loyal team, the answer has been the same for all of us: Do it yourself.

Do it yourself. Wow. What does that mean. You’ve left us? We insulted you somehow? Some great cosmic interference is occurring? Hey, how about a clue!

Well, here’s the answer I’ve gotten, and when shared with others, they realize it is the message they have been getting as well, and haven’t acknowledged. It’s time to grow up. It’s time to do it yourself.

We humans are like youth who have been protected by loving parents until, one day, we reach the age when we must go off on our own. These teams of guides are telling many energy workers – it is time to grow up and use all the good training you’ve received to make your own energetic decisions. Your colleagues are still around – but we’ve stepped back because it’s time to do it yourselves!

The time at which energy workers could leave earth is past. Over the past four years, many a good energy worker was called home to the other side, or inwardly requested to go home. It’s been a difficult time for us, seeing so many friends and society leaders suddenly called away, often without any apparent reason or premonition it was going to occur. But now we who remain are the ones who’ve chosen – or have been chosen – to accept the next level of challenge – of fashioning a new world-wide social fabric. It is we who need to fashion methods to live holistically – or spiritually – in the new world our earth is how embarked upon.

This time the old world has indeed ended – but not in fire or water – instead it is in consciousness – in the fifth element, ether. It is a change so radical that many humans have not been able to cross that divide and are still stuck on the other side – in the old consciousness. Those who have crossed over discover we are in totally new territory. It is territory anchored on earth. It requires new rules to succeed, to thrive. Our own personal teams of inner guides are not in earthly form right now, so they are not able to assist us in these adaptations. That is our job, our function as the earth-based part of our own individual team.

We’ve been trained, conversed with, cooperated with, and protected by these beings in other worlds. And now it is time for us to step up to the challenges presented. To think quickly and deeply, to adapt for ourselves so that we may eventually console and guide those humans who have chosen or been forced to go forward, and are rapidly entering into this situation as well.

Consciousness emerges from spirit into matter. Those who are able to transition easily between the two are the ones who experience the new energies first. They are the pioneers who must map the way, so that as consciousness descends, pathways exist for others to locate, see, follow and adapt for themselves.

So, on the other side of our guides “disappearing,” on the other side of “grow up and do it yourself,” we come to a point of consciousness where our inner teams reappear – but we are now, still in human body, associating with them on more advanced levels of loving consciousness. We have refined our own selves, our own abilities to act in spirit while in form. And we are now more able than ever to help ourselves, our world, and other humans who are entering into this same irreversible process of the global consciousness transformation.

Before your personal transformation, you were conversing as equals with your team. Now it is necessary for you to step up to a higher level of human responsibility. You, the human on the team, need to discover the way forward for other matter-based earth beings. Only a human, in body, can make the decisions that will deeply influence the course our civilization is embarking upon.

If you are experiencing this situation – congratulations! You are part of the awakening that is taking place now. Put on your cap of bravery, dig deep, plumb your own inner wisdom – and become part of the solution for a wiser, more mature humanity.

Books by Atala Toy

From Our Friends – Sink Holes

This is a photo of a sink hole in northern Michigan near Rogers City. It was twilight and the location was active with nature spirits. You could hear the water running under your feet. I stopped to take a photo because a friend was commenting on how you can feel a difference in the energy. She believed it had a negative feel about it but I kept thinking how can this natural location not be beneficial.

After reading Atala’s book I understood that these sinkholes are pertinent in removing unwanted energy from an area.Sink hole

This photo was taken at twilight near an active nature spirit site with sink holes. I was just taking random photos and I noticed a small orb in this particular shot.

Unknown orb


Chris Fay

From Our Friends – Salmon Sylph-like Cirrus

Here’s a great image of a huge cloud sylph. Sent to us by Geak of Nature, who reports: “This cloud formation appeared over our home on August 14, 2010. I thought you would find it interesting! The photo appears in the gallery on my Geak-of-Nature DeviantArt site.”

We went in and took a look at Geak’s images. He states there that “This cloud formation drifted southward in pursuit of the contrails in my previous photo.  I was struck by how humanoid-like it appeared.”

Geak of Nature - Cloud Formation


















Below is Geak’s previous image




From Our Friends – Snow Rollers

Scott Pearce Snow Rollers 2-2It seems even the snow likes to play! This winter, throughout the Midwest, there were reports of ice balls on Lake Superior and snow rollers in back yards. Scott Pearce sent us these photos of snow rollers that formed at his Ohio home. Scott Pearce Snow Rollers 2-2

While it looks like the snow spirits were thoroughly enjoying themselves – there is also a “hard science” explanation! Becky Oskin at reports: “According to the National Weather Service, snow rollers need just the right combination of light, sticky snow, strong (but not too strong) winds and cold temperatures to form…Like a snowball spinning downhill in a cartoon, picking up size, snow rollers grow layer by layer as they’re rolled along by the wind.”

Scott lives in Ohio and is the Great Lakes regional vice president of the American Society of Dowsers. Dowsers love charting nature’s movements! Check out more about dowsing at!

From Our Friends – Snow Sprites

It was another of the quiet, snow-kissed mornings the Midwest has grown so accustomed to this year. Feng Shui consultant Veronica Montinola was enjoying its gentle beauty around her home. When she developed the images – she discovered the snow sprites had been enjoying the beauty with her!

V Montinola Tree n SpriteHere is a selection of some of her many images in which you can see snow sprites at play. The snow sprites are sometimes rainbow in hue, come in various sizes, and some can be seen flying upwards, moving so fast that their movement has exceeded that of the camera shutter speed, leaving a visible trail of their movement. In two photos the sprites have come very close to the human world, and are much larger in size. They seem to enjoy the energy of her husband, as he is shoveling!

V Montinola sprites and bush V Montinola Three Sprites V Montinola Sprite in tree V Montinola Sprites at back door V Montinola Sprites n front doorV Montinola sprites and shoveling


Cosmic Portals – The Abused Woman

The Nature Deva whispered a warning: “Before you proceed down this path, meditate for protection.”

“Hmmm…” I thought. “This should be interesting!”

The nature spirits led me to this maple tree, who has chosen to embody a sad story of female abuse.abused woman collage 13x19 v2-2

Right panel: on the side of the trunk, up high, is the beastial energy behind the story (note the wood teardrop).

Left panel: a sad-faced, full-breasted woman, living like a dog on a leash. Emerging from her pelvis is the head of a man emotionally dominating her.

Center: leading from the man’s pelvis into the earth is the root of his issue.

Trees will embody their environment – the energies that prevail in the frequency they choose to “be.” But the region of their environment is not the same as we in our human homes. Their home might be inside a community that exists in a web of inter-connection that spans the globe, or within a specific consciousness.

Over the years, I’ve shown you, in my Cosmic Portals blog, images of buffalo guardians, bear guardians, and green people (the philosophers of the woods). Rarely have I, to date, been shown images of trees embodying a negative situation. But here this has occurred. It is the tale of abused women everywhere – women chained by men who see them as objects for their own satisfaction, with no respect.

This is a tree of transformation. It is holding that energy in place, to transform it. To integrate it into the general health of the forest, to accumulate that energy and drain it from the land.

It is a visual black hole for this energy. I’ve discussed the value of negative and positive energies within the landscape in other posts. The negative vortex pulls in the negative energies from the environment while the positive vortex sends out positive frequency.long-view-woman-2

Here, in a beautiful public woods area, is a tree who has been chosen – or itself has chosen – to draw off negative energies of passers-by, clearing them to move forward in a more positive manner.

So while I had sometimes walked by this tree before, sensing a darkness and hurrying on, this time the Deva of the woods requested I stop and examine what the darkness entailed.

In this case, the darkness was actually a source of clearing for the entire forest area, and for this issue humanity itself is struggling to transform.

From Our Friends – Conversations with an Oak Tree

These conversations took place between various nature spirits and Chris Fay.  She took the photos as well. Chris is co-host for the radio program called Universal Journeys.

Conversation with an oak tree (called Wise one)

C Fay-Oak TreeChris: Why do you call me child?

Wise one: You already know the answer but I shall re-explain. I call you child because you are a relatively young soul that looks to me as a teacher. Humans have been around a relatively short time period compared to other species; so in a way all humans are young per say and have much to learn and experience. How appropriate that a tree should teach about growth. Not so much in the physical aspect but spiritual. We are all connected, you cannot break a branch without disrupting the whole foundation of oneness.

Chris: How old are you?

Wise one: Older than the physical answer you seek. I have seen many changes in my lifetime. 

Chris: Why me?

Wise one: Why not? We have advocates (teachers) everywhere.

Chris: I Love you.

Wise one: As I do you child.

C Fay Oak Tree in Summer


C Fay Woods of Oak Tree


Conversations with a Troll (I prefer earth giant) 

C.Fay: How long have you lived here?

Troll: Before the humans came.

C.Fay: Do you mind the metal fence surrounding the property?

Troll: It takes away from the natural beauty but I can easily step over it.

C.Fay: Are there more of your kind living here?

Troll: Yes, but we like to spread out. Less damage our density is lower than the other beings you group us with. That is why the trees are down and lichen grows. (note the trees are spaced farther apart then other locations, some appear broken)

C.Fay: In our culture you are betrayed poorly. I don’t sense that to be the case.

Troll: Humans misrepresent many ideas and concepts. This is not surprising. Fear sells (controls).

C.Fay: Why do you stay in this location?

Troll: I enjoy it here. I like watching the people and children.

C.Fay: Did you get the pie?

Troll: Yes the gesture was heartfelt.

C.Fay: Why do I have trouble seeing elementals or nature spirits?

Troll: Because you are meant to know they are there with your heart. It is hard to teach others if the task is so simple for you. (laughs) In time, In time…


Nature Communications

I was listening to a bird loudly singing in the tree canopy. Frustrated I looked several minutes to try an locate it (the bird) but without luck. The thought was then sent to me “It is like you trying to see us (nature beings) you can hear and feel us but cannot locate the source (in the physical sense)”.


I had to put down my 27 year old horse this weekend due to a fractured leg. After the backhoe drove away I had time to reflect while walking. I announced mentally to the whole forest that I had a loss looking for sympathy and healing. Instead the text below was the response I received.

There has been only gain in this relationship. Love, partnership, memories and lessons were freely exchanged by both. There has been no loss here.

This simple response changed my whole outlook. We are fortunate that Spirit gives us what we need, not what we want. All you have to do is ask and listen.

Chris tells us: I’m a co-host for the radio program called Universal Journeys hosted by the Illuminati Network. Our program discusses and explores different paths and ideologies focused around faith, religion and spiritual beliefs along with discoveries that others have had on their journey to reach the end result to source, higher power, God, Goddess and enlightenment. The Universal Journeys radio show comprises the combined efforts of Rev. Brenda Bates, Rev. Deb DeRousse & Chris Fay also known as the Trinity Sisters. I enjoy the outdoors, nature photography and have recently developed (remembered) that I could communicate with nature spirits/guardians telepathically.  It is easy for humans (us) to forget that we are all connected and evolving for the greater good.

ISIC – Tips for Staying Healthy in Winter

Oriental medicine and acupuncture not only treat disease, they aim to prevent it.  We as humans are affected by nature’s seasonal changes – weather, temperature, and the amount of daylight.  We can live in harmony with each season, and strengthen our bodies energies (Chi), by following a little advice of the ancient book, “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine.”

Chinese-Herbal-Medicine2In acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine, the water element is associated with the kidney organ which is the strongest during the winter season.  In Traditional Oriental Medicine, (TOM), there are five elements, and each is associated a season, organ, taste, color, emotion, etc. Wood = spring, fire = summer, earth = Indian summer, metal = fall, water = winter. We should live in harmony with the seasons, and this is undertaken by knowing how to choose and prepare foods according to the season. Eating according to seasonal attunement, eat what is in season strengthens that season’s organ, which will prevent sickness in the next season.


The winter season is the most yin season, meaning stillness, darkness and hibernation. The animals are very attuned to the seasons, they are still in the winter and active in the summer.  The kidney organ is in charge of birth, growth and death.

    Stay warm – We can preserve our kidney energy by being still, quiet and keeping warm. Try not to get cold or sweat in the Winter because open pores can lead to sickness.

    Preserve your energy – Be one with the circadian rhythm of the season by going to bed early and getting up early with the sunrise. Conserve your yang energy by practicing the stillness of meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi or Yoga.

    Eat hearty foods – Root vegetables and fruits that are in season. Soups and stews are very beneficial in the winter, because they warm and are heavy on the fluids. Foods that are beneficial to the kidney organ include walnuts, black beans, cinnamon, black sesame seeds, fennel seeds, bone broths, and raspberries.

    Let go of Fear -  Fear is the emotion of the kidney.  Practice setting goals for the upcoming year so we can be less threatened of what’s ahead and replace it with strength and courage.

Being mindful of each season and organ’s energy, we are improving our immune system (Chi), and preventing dis-ease that may occur in the body.

 Elizabeth Spicher LAc. has her Masters in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture.  She is Board Certified in Herbal Medicine.  She is passionate about helping her patients with herbs, nutrition and Acupuncture.  She works with her husband, Dr. Eric Spicher at Integrated Natural Medicine in Geneva, IL.  To find more information about Acupuncture, herbs or nutrition visit their website; or on Facebook at