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From Our Friends | Utah Nature Spirits

We recently received this nature spirit image from Rebecca Wilhelmsen who came across this tree full of nature spirits near Salt Lake City, Utah.



“I was walking along a popular trail near Salt Lake City when I saw this tree hollow. The thin piece of wood still attached on the side of the hollow looks like a baby bird nestled inside an egg! Depending on how you look at it, the baby bird can appear to be positioned with its head at the bottom or at the top.”

This tree has many different nature spirits within it, but a close up of  the CLTFOFBIRDbaby bird in an egg area (below) isn’t as clear to us as it was to Rebecca due to the angle of the photo. However, Rebecca’s image does capture other nature spirits which were more clear when viewing her photo!


Just below the opening of the tree, and slightly to the left issquirellferret what appears to be the energy of a badger peering out into the world over it’s shoulder.







GryffinwomanTo the right and a little up from the opening are spirits nestled close together. First we see a woman with long hair and a pointed chin in the middle top of the image.  Just below her resides a nature spirit wolf, possibly reflecting some of the wildlife that is native to where Rebecca was walking.

Thank you, Rebecca for sharing your image with us and the nature spirit friends it holds!





Earth Share | 2015 the Year of the Sheep

The Chinese New Year begins on Wednesday, February 18 at 5:47 pm CST and will be celebrated all week-end. It is the most widely celebrated and important traditional holiday throughout China and other Asian cities and countries worldwide.

Year of the GoatReferred to as the start of the “Lunar New Year”, the beginning of the Chinese New Year changes every year because it is based on the solar/lunar calendar.

The element this year is Wood, the energy is Yin. It is a continuation of last year’s Wood Horse year, but with a softer and less fiery edge. It is predicted that this year’s gentler energies will have a lasting effect because it is setting the foundation for years to come.

The analysis below combines ancient formulas used in Traditional Feng Shui practice that takes the aspect of time in consideration. In Traditional Feng Shui, annual updates based on the yearly energy takes precedence over any other method. Like tax season, practitioners in Asian countries and communities have been busy getting their charts and clients ready for the annual change.

Based on my research and analysis, both Western Astrology and Feng Shui practitioners are in agreement that the energies will be stronger at the beginning of the year due to planetary junctions and eclipses. Astrologers have deem this year’s energy in one word: Expansion. In Feng Shui, that is the energy of Wood.

From the Feng Shui perspective, the GOOD NEWS is:

*  The Wood element symbolizes growth. Financial and economic growth will continue. There are  great opportunities present to build wealth.

*  The element of Wood feeds Fire in the productive cycle.  (See my blog on the Five Element Theory) This means that Fire related industries like energy, electronics, beauty, food, fire arms, and the military industries will continue to grow and improve.

*  Although there is still a lot of conflict in the world, communications will stay open through continued diplomatic negotiations. The sign of the Sheep is considered to be a natural negotiator and a diplomat.

*  Women will continue to advance in key leadership positions; political, corporate, high level management, entrepreneurial roles and world affairs. Women can start a new project they’ve been contemplating or continue one they already started. The return of the feminine energies is still in place and will culminate next year, the year of the Fire Monkey.

*  Men are poised to have a great year. There are great opportunities for improvement in relationship, studies, sales, travel and writing. A nice relief after having a tough time last year.

*  Healing communities are calling this The Year of Innocence. In order to continue our spiritual growth we need to let go of the old ways and start looking at life with the innocence of a childs eye. The element of Wood is the central theme in Feng Shui, this element also symbolizes the season of Spring. Imagine the buds, fresh light green colors and eggs hatching in the spring.

*  This year’s energy is poised for an abundance in learning through technology. There will be lots of online learning through workshops, classes and webinars. Use of the internet will grow exponentially.

Of course, not everything will be rosy,

*  The sector of accumulated wealth is mildly affected. It is important to be watchful for anything that may deplete your investments, benefits and retirement. You may start with taking care of your health. Use metal items to neutralize this energy.

Every year, there are some areas to watch for called afflictions, these are areas of negative CHI that should remain quiet and untouched. The top 2 areas are;

*  The Grand Duke of Jupiter or Tai Sui. This year, he resides in the Southwest, between 202.6 – 217.5 ( 15 degree area). It is important for anyone not facing this area in the Southwest, as this disrespects the presence of the Grand Duke. Change the position of your chair or pivot it if you cannot. It is best to have your back to the Southwest and have him as your guardian instead. In traditional Feng Shui the Southwest is the area for women. This means that there is a likelihood for conflict among women. Knowing this piece of information is very important, because it prepares us to be an observer and avoid being caught in the fire!

*  The second major affliction is called the 5 Yellow. This year it is located in the West, the Children and Creativity Area. That means there is a potential of injury and harm to children. Unfortunately, the recent violence against children in France is an indicator of this energy. A wind chime in the West or a metallic item is a good way to neutralize this energy, especially if this is your front door or a space you spend a lot of time in.

I hope this blog helps to prepare you for the year ahead. The Chinese New Year Celebration in Chicago’s Chinatown is Sunday February 22nd. The dancing dragon parade takes place from 1-2pm.

Best wishes for a great New Year!

Feng Shui for the New Year

It is important to prepare for the New Year with hope, clarity and positive energy. This positive energy can set the tone for the New Year and help you stay on track with your goals. As we continue the holiday season, it is a good practice to review and celebrate our successes and challenges for 2014. What worked, what did we learn, what can we carry forward to 2015?

New Year 2015To prepare for the New Year, you want to bid farewell to those things that are no longer needed. The “out with the old and in with the new” is not just a practice, but also a symbol of things to come. Look through your closet, the laundry room, the medicine cabinet, the extra dishes, magazines, dvd’s and cd’s and donate items that can be reused. Discard items that cannot be reused.

This activity does not need to be lengthy. It can be as little as 5 minutes, and it can be as small as clearing items in one drawer. From the Feng Shui perspective, it would be interesting to see what “Gua” or area of the home, or space, is being cleared.

Clean up the refrigerator of half eaten food and old jars of condiments and left overs. Scan your home for visual clutter. Finish doing the laundry so you may start the New Year with clean clothes and linens. Finally, clean your home inside and out as your guest, Mr. New Year, is arriving to greet you!

Bring in the new.  Hang up and display new calendars. Break in a new item for the New Year – is it clothing? A new game, book, bill in your wallet or a bottle of some fine bubbly? Stock up the pantry and refrigerator to celebrate the occasion, no matter how small of a celebration it is.

Oranges and tangerines are very popular gifts in the Asian community.  A bowl of oranges and tangerines displayed in your home or kitchen symbolizes abundance.  The color orange is appreciated because of it’s yang color. As you eat it you infuse yang energy into your body and your home with its undeniable scent.  Homemade orange spritz is a natural way to energize and clean the air around you. Try mixing and squeezing the orange or tangerine peels in a bowl and then placing it in a spray bottle. Start spraying at your front door and around your environment in a clockwise fashion. Feel the effects of a clean and energized room. Watch for positive comments and happy interactions.

Yang activities are favored this time of the year. Yang activities involve action, movement, focus and determination. Have you made an action list for the New Year?  A form of an action list is to make a vision board or a dream board. The seeds that you plant now, with the proper care, will yield results when the time is right. Best of all, this season and time of the year calls for celebration. Celebrate who you are and what you are surrounded with.

In 2014, I learned to take steps towards my life purpose, and what I need to align myself with, one step at a time. What have you learned, and will carry along with you for 2015?


Earth Share | Plant Spirit Medicine

All this week we are featuring the blogs that most resonated with our readers. Please enjoy this blog written by Adrilia Pedersen and her energy modality, Plant Spirit Medicine. 


Plants and humans have lived together for a very long time. In some ways one could say that we are family. Plants are immensely generous, offering us protection, inspiration, food and even medicine. And just like us, plants have spirit.  And their spirit can heal us. Plant Spirit Medicine healing brings us into balance and harmony. It is the shaman’s way with plants. Plant Spirit Medicine calls on the spirits of plants to bring healing, relief and right balance into our body, mind and spirit. It is a subtle, gentle and powerful medicine.  I have been practicing this healing modality in Glen Ellyn since 2009. When people hear I practice Plant Spirit Medicine healing, they often ask:

What plants do I work with?

ISICBlogpostJune2014I work with local plants. They are much more powerful for us because they themselves deal with the same environmental stresses we face and they have learned to thrive in spite of these challenges. They know what affects us and they have potent medicine for all the people in this area.

How do I call the plants so they can come and offer their healing?

The short answer: With great love and respect. I follow the protocol I have agreed upon with the various plants. I draw from my sacred agreement with them, and from the relationship and friendship we have established and cultivated. I simply connect with that sacred agreement, move my stance into the dream of the plants, and ask for their help on behalf of my people.

Do I use actual parts of the plants during my healing treatments?

Some clients smell, see, or feel specific plants during their healing sessions. Some ask me what the plant I placed on them, when in fact I haven’t placed anything on their bodies. I generally call on the spirit of the plant, and do not use its physical form while working on a client. At times I receive instruction from the plant to do this, and if it’s feasible I place a leaf on the person, but this is the exception rather than the norm.

How do I know how exactly to help the client?

I observe. I listen. I ask questions.  I examine the person and do a thorough intake.  I often enter into a period of meditation, and contemplation after the initial meeting with the person. I use the methodology of TCM – much as acupuncturists do – to find out where to ask the plant to intervene in order to touch the person in the most effective way so they can return to a better balance in the body, mind and spirit.

How many healing sessions are necessary?

It has taken 20, 30, 50 years to get to where we are in terms of the accumulated physical and psychic “soot,” the accumulated level of layering, stress and strain we often live with. Even though people have really beautiful results after just one or two healing sessions, it is important to be receptive to my recommendations regarding treatment. It is different for each person. Some people have 3-4 initial sessions and they are then ready to come back once a month. With other people, 6-7 initial sessions are needed.  And then I have clients with whom I’ve worked for many years and they come back once a season, as long as all is well, they feel the treatment is still supporting them, and there haven’t been new traumatic experiences or huge changes.  Since PSM is such a beautiful, elegant and organic form of healing, the natural cycles are a big part of the healing. It is recommended that clients come in for a tune-up, so to speak, at the beginning of each season.

 Music to my ears

In addition to their questions, some clients share with me that they feel their “reset button” has been activated after a PSM session.  In other words, they feel they have new energy, they feel lighter, they feel ready and able to tackle whatever challenges their lives bring them with vigor and energy and renewed enthusiasm.



For more on Adrilia’s story with Plant Spirit Medicine, please visit:

Jewelry with Purpose – Comments

carnelian necklace for support and prosperity“Thank you so much for the excellent customer service. You have one happy customer… I will definitely recommend your business to friends and family and of course you have my continued business. Again thank you for going above and beyond!” …Tisha D

“I just had to take time out to tell you I received the rose quartz necklace. I absolutely love it!!! I will order another — no doubt — in the very near future……Thank you very very much.” …Nia

“I received my bloodstone  power bracelet today and wanted to write you to express my  appreciation to Victor and all the members of your organization for an amazingly beautiful and already functional piece of wearable art that will allow me to focus my meditations.  I began a meditation session upon removing it from the box, and felt the stones warming to my touch – a very powerful experience.” – Mark L

“I just received my necklace and I had to take time out to thank you. It’s absolutely beautiful. I put it on and noticed a change in my aura immediately.  I appreciate your kindness and your prompt attention to all of my questions.” …A

“I finally got in to Crystal Life to pick up my bracelets. Thank you so very much for taking such good care of me. They are perfect! I am looking forward to wearing them and reconnecting with their energy. A very nice girl took care of me in the store today.  She was great and I forgot her name.  I was pulled in many directions and was just having difficulty getting centered;  she was extremely helpful. Thank you again!” …Paula H

“I just had to stop everything and write this note to you. The delivery person just dropped off my new garnet and sodalite bracelets. They are amazing. The energy radiating off of both is so healing….Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. They are beautiful.” …Anita

“The beads arrived yesterday and they are perfect! Thanks to you, and your handcrafter, for creating exactly what I imagined.” …Sasha

“I wanted to take another moment to thank you for the 18” blue lace agate necklace I received on Friday. I did call as soon as I received it because it has extraordinary beauty. Since I’ve been wearing it, I feel a peace and intuition I have been searching for.

“I recently relocated back to New York from Nevada. I have endured many changes and disappointments since my arrival…all necessary learning experiences. I consider myself a spiritual and intuitive person….my grandfather was a Lakota Indian and I have inherited many of his traits and talents. This necklace is truly a powerful gift. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. It is truly lovely.” …Anita

“I had called before coming to the store and spoke to Tammy. When I arrived we met and she helped me with my purchases. She was so wonderful! The Power Bracelet is great and she answered all my questions about it. You have a customer for life because of Tammy and I will refer all I know who are interested in your type of product line to your store. thank you, Tammy, again.” Seller Fi – Sgt Mac USMC – 5 stars for quality, price and value.

“I received the Carnelian Necklace. It’s BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much. I haven’t really taken it off since I unwrapped it and I love the gentle energy.” —CL

“Your post earrings are simply great…designed so that the stone touches the skin. I love my amethyst and howlite pairs, and plan to purchase a few more from you soon.” —GA, Texas

“I’ve been really enjoying the necklaces I have ordered from you. I worked in an open clinic with the public yesterday for the first time and you guessed it, I wore one of the chakra necklaces for grounding purposes while doing healing work. It really DOES assist me in keeping my feet on the ground.” —C

“I was completely thrilled by the bracelet you sent me. It has the same excellent quality of my mala. I thank you and your artisans for the exquisite work/products that you put forth; your hard work is greatly appreciated!!” —GC, NY

“I am delighted with my order. I had the anklet on as soon as I got the package open. The bracelet is for my sister’s birthday and I am sure she will be as thrilled as I am with your products.” —Kathy

“Haven’t crossed your path in a while but I did think of you today and was grateful to you for enlightening me in several ways. I came across a woman selling jewelry who had some interesting stones. I asked her if the stones ever spoke to her. Her answer was basically no and I wanted to tell her about how they do, but it didn’t feel right. Anyway, just sending you gratitude for the lovely work you do!” …H

“A customer tried this at a show and we were amazed at the different energies generated. Take a large flower of life of gold or silver. Place inside that a smaller flower of life of the opposite metal. Now hold them and generate energy through the combination. We felt a protective sensation: the one protecting the other. We then tried some experiments. We placed the two back to back and felt gentle fields projecting each way. We placed the two face to face and felt the energy close down externally and resonate between each other.

“The customer had a device made to combat emf frequencies. By itself it was somewhat laser-like in energy: directed intent. When the flower of life was placed on its back side, it broadened and softened the energy field, like a protective balloon. There is definitely a lot of experimenting one can do in combining the flower with other energy tools and devices.”…VP

From the S.E.A.T. Newsletter (Society for Enlightenment and Transformation, a club of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council): “Take a new look at Energy! Crystal Life was founded in 1996 by Atala Toy, a former member of the Executive Committee of the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation. Over several years, Atala became increasingly ill due to environmental and electromagnetic pollution. She helped herself to return to health by wearing various combinations of stones and natural materials. She founded Crystal life in order to share her discoveries with others. She and her friends handcraft in a peaceful consciousness and a portion of all company proceeds are donated to international activities for peace.”

Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides & Ghosts Comments

Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides & Ghosts“Finally – a refreshing, inspiring AND practical book on working with nature intelligences. I believe everyone, even people very familiar with earth healing and energywork, could learn a lot of new things from this book. There are practical exercises sprinkled throughout the book, that I feel are presented in a way that is easy to understand and implement. The author clearly has a deep connection, understanding of and love for the nature realms, and that is reflected on every page. This is a book I will return to often, and would be my #1 recommendation to anyone genuinely looking to connect with faeries and the otherworldly realms.” – Review by Nymphidium on

“This is a much needed book in a time when so many more people are becoming aware of invisible worlds such as orbs, vortexes, other life forms and dimensions. Atala has written a fascinating guide book that brings to light how to communicate, understand and safely work with these worlds. She is a well experienced and wise Soul that has studied and taught on this subject for many years. Prepare to be amazed.” Susan Wisehart, MS, LMFT, international author of “Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future” – Review on

“I’ve been aware and fascinated with nature spirits in my yard and garden and taking my own pictures of root spirits. Then I found your Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides & Ghosts book in the library and couldn’t put it down! I feel so grateful that someone else honors them, too! I’m excited to work with them in a more connected way. Thank you for your website!” – Margie P

“I recently read Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts and was extremely moved.  It opened me up to what was both familiar and strange at the same time.  It has stayed with me.” …Sacha

“I just finished Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides, and Ghosts. I loved it. I carry it with me and I can’t wait to learn more!” …Stephanie C

“You have been such an inspiration for me on this spiritual journey to the great mysteries of the nature spirits. I’m holding up my beautiful champagne glass to you as a toast – may this be the greatest year ever for our work in spreading the word about Orbs, nature spirits and other phenomena yet to be discovered to the benefit of all humanity!! …Melanie J

“I’ve read several of your articles in older issues of ASD (American Society of Dowsers) & am in awe amazement of what you’ve accomplished with nature spirits, land clearing & earth energy in particular.” – Carol M

“I wanted to contact you and thank you for the gift of the information in your two books, “Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts” and “We Are Not Alone”. I initially read Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts and I feel this book “found me” after I had consciously asked the universe for a great spiritual teacher with concepts and ideologies that would resonate in me and lead me further on my path towards what I am truly here for. I could not put it down. It was utterly fascinating and beautifully written. So I bought We Are Not Alone and was even more blown away to be honest.

“I want to thank you for helping me evolve beyond my rigid perceptions about the fabric of fields, consciousness forms and the true nature of reality….

“I am sure many will have told you this and you already know it yourself, but you are a true visionary with great lessons to teach and you stand with all the other highly evolved way showers and agents of authentic light. Thank you for helping those of us that walk behind you; you have a great gift to help others see things that were hidden to them that have been trying to find them.” – GB

“Your books were a great inspiration to me as I deepened my work exploring parallel realities – thank you for putting them out into the world.” – Kevin P

Atala Toy’s comprehensive, easy-to-read book Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts explains what life forms of other realms look like and how to photograph them yourself. You can order a signed copy from our website. You can order a Kindle download from .

Here are some of the comments on her book that we have received:

I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your book on how to communicate and photograph nature spirits. I have been on quite an evolutionary journey these last few years: my world opening up to knowledge of my star families, awakening to the world of faeries and nature spirits which I have been documenting through photos while on my hikes through nature and now I have dove head-first into the world of crystals and I’m hooked! Reading your book has been so affirming for me and makes me want to take more and more pictures. I also just got your book We Are Not Alone which I am very excited to read. Blessings, Salvador

This is a much needed book in a time when so many more people are becoming aware of invisible worlds such as orbs, vortexes, other life forms and dimensions. Atala has written a fascinating guide book that brings to light how to communicate, understand and safely work with these worlds. She is a well experienced and wise Soul that has studied and taught on this subject for many years. Prepare to be amazed. Susan Wisehart, MS, LMFT, international author of “Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future”

A fascinating, heartfelt, and extremely convincing account of spiritual domains, and the beings that inhabit them, that have for too long been ignored or discounted by the modern world. Ptolemy Tompkins, author of The Divine Life of Animals

Brilliantly provides us with an unparalleled view of magnificent hidden kingdoms and also hands us the golden key to the door by which we can enter them. Sandee Mac, president of the American Society of Dowsers.

Nature Spirits teaches us to interact with the subtle world and to capture, through the lens of a camera, what general is thought of as invisibile to the human eye. It’s an adventure worth taking. Sybil Carey, editor of The American Dowser Quarterly Digest.

It takes courage to write a book like this, but Atala meets the task with wit and honesty. If you have never consciously interacted with spirits, this book will help you do so safely. If you have already had encounters, and are hungry to know more, this book may provide the insights you seek for taking the next step. Susan Collins, 2006 Dowser of the Year

“Atala Dorothy Toy takes amazing photographs that explore myriad ways nature and  people are interconnected. With her characteristic warmth and wisdom, she inspires others’ exploration. Urging readers to sit and observe, reach out in peace, and work in community, she offers powerful lessons and practical exercises that nurture interdimensional photographers. I’m inspired!” —Donna Latham, author of Ghosts of the Fox River Valley and Ghosts of Interstate 90

“With deep respect for Atala’s vision, I recommend her new book. The stories and photographs and her insights into ‘feeling’ and communicating with interdimensional beings will expand and bring balance to the way we view ‘reality.’” —Francene Hart, visionary artist

“Atala is a master teacher and lover of all forms of life. You are in good hands for learning how to communicate with all the creatures in our world, seen and unseen. So settle down for a good read and be open to an amazing adventure into Nature.” —Marty Cain, MA, MFA, labyrinth builder; vice president of the American Society of Dowsers and codirector of its school

“Atala Toy is one of the top energy workers. She doesn’t just ‘read it and repeat it’; she understands.” —Robert T. McKusick, biomagnetic researcher and past president of the Life Force Chapters of Phoenix and Tucson Globe Dowsers

“Atala Dorothy Toy gives you an energy road map through pictures, stories, and exercises. Team up with your inner guides and shift, perceive, and communicate with all that is. Be prepared to embark on a remarkable journey that will open you up to a richer and fuller life as you connect and communicate with energies that affect you and world consciousness.” —Nancy Grace Marder, executive director of Infinity Foundation

“Atala shows that our environment contains a host of spirits, fairies, devas, thought forms, and more. With a shift in perception and the help of inner guides, we can communicate with them and help resolve interdimensional issues. She makes us want to grab a camera for a long walk in the woods.” —Guy Spiro, past publisher of the Monthly Aspectarian,
Author of Astro-Weather

Prayer Beads – Comments

blue lace agate prayer beads malas tasbih“Thanks for producing the highest quality malas that I have experienced. Blessings in all that you do in the Light.” …HS

“Picked up the mala today. Wonderful. Fantastic. Excellent. Thank you. Need I say more?” Mik

“I just received my order – the orange agate 108 bead mala – and wanted to let you know how delighted I am with it. This is the first mala I’ve purchased, and I’m very pleased with the weight and construction. It is a thing of beauty, and I thank you for sending it to me!” …Margaret M

“The chakra mala’s ability to ground and balance the chakras is amazing. I have seen a lot of change lately. Especially a real urgency to focus on my practice, continuing education, etc. It has helped me to have confidence in the future because it has helped me focus on my now….

“I have a fellow bodyworker, shaman and Aquarian, who I showed the grounded chakra mala to. He went online to your site to purchase two malas. He is very impressed by the energy of his new mala…I would definitely recommend your products to anyone who wants to change and become the best they can be. Blessings on all that you do to help people with their spiritual growth through your energy tools.”  …HS

“Mala arrived today. It is Wonderful!! Thank you very much for your prompt attention and fine quality product.” …Karen G

“My order has arrived and the prayer beads are absolutely beautiful! My order was here in no time and I appreciate your promptness. I WILL be doing all my meditation purchasing with you in the future.” …Kathy

“I thought I would let you know how much I like the four 108 count malas I recently purchased. They are beautiful!”  …Greg P

“These malas and beads have a smooth and completely different feel than any I have ever held. Thanks so much. I am a convert. I am spreading the word.” …Char

“I have just bought a black onyx mala from you and another made of Botswana agate. Thanks for making such good-quality products.” SC

“The blue lace agate mala I had ordered from your store arrived today. It is simply stunning. Beautiful and soothing to the touch! This mala is now the most treasured one in my possession.” —Eugene W, Singapore

“I have enjoyed the necklaces and malas that I purchased while in Vermont this past July at the Annual Dowsers Conference. This is where I met Atala Toy…what a pleasure! Just wanted to thank you for making such wonderful products.” —Claudia A

“The (repaired) malas arrived today. They feel terrific. I am so excited to have them back and working again. I especially like that they feel so ‘clean’. Thank you for taking such good care of them!” —Sally W, Vermont

“The malas you make are so powerful that my girlfriend and I want to wear them at our wedding ceremony led by our spiritual teacher. On this occasion we would like to order two turquoise for ourselves and one for our teacher” —EM

“I just received my package with the rose quartz mala. It has brought me utter joy and I can’t thank you enough. I was so appreciative of the education literature as well. The guidance for the prayer beads was invaluable and just what I needed. Please give my thanks to those who created the mala. I wish all of you peace and as much happiness as your talents have brought to me.” —TS

“I received my newly restrung hematite mala and bracelet and I just want to say thanks!! The artisan who worked on my mala (large knotted!) especially gets tons of kudos from me; I don’t think it possible to get a hair between the knots and the beads!!” —ZI

“The mala is magnificently crafted and feels really good to wear…my Christmas present. Thanks for the excellent service, too.” .. Alan

“I bought a turquoise mala from you …I just wanted to write you and express my appreciation for what you are doing. Since my awakening, almost 12 years ago, I have acquired close to a dozen malas which I have employed in various mantra practices.  Most of these malas have been Lotus Seeds or various forms of crystal, with one being Mother of Pearl.

“At some point in my sitting practice I became imbued with a thought form concerning a turquoise mala.  I searched many metaphysical shops in my local area as well as farther north and much further south.  Nothing seemed appropriate.  When my wife and I came upon your booth at the Fair, I approached without high expectations because I was getting used to not finding an appropriate mala.  The moment I physically connected with this mala, my search was completed.

“Living with it for a couple of days, I’ve realized that all of the other malas that I have are primarily beads or seeds strung together.  This turquoise mala seems to be imbued with life and my finding it through you seems like I’ve been reunited with an old friend.  As I handle it, I am re-connected with images and feelings that have been coming to me for the past month or so.

“I just wanted to convey that the care and intention with which you and your co-horts manifest these malas is certainly appreciated and they do truly have an effect within the physical realm.

“Thank you so much for the dedication with which you perform these dharma activities.”  …TW

“Grounding has always been what I need…..I have noticed that if I’m grounded I can ‘bounce higher’….. the stones you have sent me (grounding chakra mala and the new one) keep me focused with roots coming out of my feet!  A great aid!” ..CA

Products with Purpose – Energy Tools – Comments

Slim Spurling ToolsThe Light Life Slim Spurling Tools:

“I tested my Light Life Ring on our trip out west and have an amazing report.

“As we were coming down a steep narrow mountain road through a low cloud that obscured the road, I focused the ring ahead and it cleared the cloud away so that we could see.

“More incredibly, as we were driving through one of the largest black clouds and hail storms that I’ve ever seen (again we couldn’t see the road) I focused the ring and it cleared the cloud and produced the most intense double-edged rainbow over our road.

“Also, I played the King’s Chamber CD connected to the headphones surrounding the Environmental Harmonizer near my brother’s wedding reception room. It helped create/add a very serene mood to the event. Thank you.” …Tim S

“Your energy products have transformed my life. I am so very grateful. Thank you.” —NS

“I have been using the (Slim Spurling) ring to set up card spreads in. It is aiding in manifesting by aligning th Earth’s energy with my intention.” …Mara

“I was in your store last night picked up a wonderful Slim Spurling ring. Thanks so much for giving me the strength to continue my work as a light worker. I have felt lost in the past with comments from people in the society about how I need to tone down my beliefs. I would never judge someone for being different.”

The Biomagnetic Research Tools:  

“The tripaks are doing a grand job. I felt a bit sick for a day or too, then I “buzzed” all over for a few days, and now I don’t feel anything at all – including drained after work, so I reckon I’ve adjusted to them now. Thanks a lot!” – Jane


Resonance Energy Jewelry – Comments

Hematite and ceramic energy protection jewelry” I have enjoyed using the energy pieces I purchased from you… They have been very helpful in keeping the field balanced. As you know we all go through a multitude of reactions and responses in the business and home environments and having a strong center to work from is a plus.” …Jeff F

Crystal Life uses as a base for its energy jewelry the resonant ceramic catalyst beads made by Biomagnetic Research. I gave the creator, Robert McKusick, a set of the cord designs. He wrote me:

“About a year ago, I was at the Clay Pit, and was having a road graded. The grader kicked loose a large flat stone. Before it returned down the road, I foolishly attempted to pick up the 35 pound stone with one hand, and throw it out of the way.

“When I returned to the Cherokee to leave, one of the muscles in my upper arm went zing, and tore loose. It hurt me for the next few months.

“I put the Energy tube (the turquoise with jade) cord on my wrist just to see if it would help. I have worn it night and day since, and have had no pain since.

“I have always been impressed with your work.”

Your friend, Robert McKusick

“My sister wasn’t sleeping through the night since her separation from her husband of many years. She was consistently awakened around 4 am every morning feeling his angry presence. I first recommended that she us black tourmaline, which stopped her sensation of being choked, however she continued to was up at 4 am every morning. After attending y our class at the Infinity Foundation and speaking with you, I bought your hematite and ceramic bracelet for her. Wearing it on her left ankle, she found that after a few weeks of getting use to it that she had her first complete night’s sleep in over a year. She now regularly sleeps six hours straight through tht e night. As she continues to go through the divorce process, I am sure the hematite will continue to help protect her.”  …Rhea

“Sometime between ordering the Double Flower of Life Pendant and receiving it just now, my intense terror of it was transformed into intense excitement, and I could not wait to receive it! I could feel it’s energy so strongly even through the box, and my whole body began humming when I held this truly stunning piece in my hands.

“Visually, it is much more beautiful than I expected; energetically, this is one of the most delicious feelings/experiences I’ve every felt. Thank you! I know this will help me tremendously as I get back on track to eventually working with energetically healing myself.” …Gail

“On September 11, 2001, my husband, a New York City Police Inspector, was home in Rockville Centre (30 miles from the World Trade Center). He turned to me and said he had to go. Michael made it to the bottom of the building just as it started to come down. He had to get out of his car and run for his life. He was wearing a Negativity Protection Bead. I am positive that it protected him during this disaster. Thank you.” —Sincerely, Colette Coan

“At the end of March, I put on the black (Protection) bracelet, and have not taken it off. I was dreading a visit involving the care-taking of an older woman. She has such strong emotions and great anger at her old age. She always overpowers my energy field…Guess what!! The bracelet works in the worst of emotional situations. I could instantly catch myself picking up her emotions, and could dump all of the garbage with a single conscious thought to do so. I am so pleased with the bracelet, and I notice it gets more beautiful in wearing it. Great product!!” —KM, California

“It is now four weeks since I began wearing your negativity protection pendant. This is a testimonial of incredible results for which I shall always be grateful. I have not lessened my intake of medications, both Rx and OTC, but I find that all seem to kick-in, not only faster but with greater results. A routine visit with my Doctor earlier this week brought an ‘A’ with his comment that ‘I don’t know what you are doing now that you were not doing before but whatever it is, keep it up!’ My blood pressure is lowered, my morning arthritic ‘slowness’ is briefer, my vision—which had been giving me fits of frustration—seems better or at least less troublesome. At Christmas with my family, everyone was complimentary on how much better I looked than when over there for Thanksgiving. I do have a much better feeling about myself and how I feel.” RP, California

“Thank you for the Energy Tube… It is the one with the serpentine jade disks on either side of a turquoise Crystal Catalyst Bead, with a copper tube through the middle… Not surprisingly, IT WORKS!

“I want you to know how much I appreciate the Angelic Peace Bracelet I got from you in Florida. I wear it most of the time. Although I enjoy crystals and we have many in our home, I have never really felt their energy. The energy, however, from your Angelic Peace Bracelet is clear and subtle and gives me a feeling of calm and clarity—a higher vibration that is most welcome in the daily world.” —R

“Your unakite pendant stopped my hot flashes within a day. When a friend told me, a few weeks later that it was all my imagination, I took the pendant off. The hot flashes came back within two days. Now I wear it all the time, have no hot flashes, and don’t listen to that friend any more. Many thanks!” —V, Jamaica, NY

Stones – Comments

Copper Ore“Thank you for all your help with the crystals. Your knowledge and concern played a huge part in my healing.” …Kevin C

“The quartz crystals arrived today and I must say they are extraordinary. I opened the package and looked at their marvelous beauty. Thank you for your selection.” —KVB, Maine

“Thank you so much…I love working with the energy of the stones in the way which you put much love and focus into their alignment.  They ‘shine’ when I look at them.” …CA

“Just wanted to say thank you for the series of articles you’ve been recently sharing on working with the chakras.  Info is valuable and grounded, which is something most important for me, as I often ‘exist’ above and beyond my physical self, so to speak.  My therapist thanks you, too, albeit indirectly.  She tries constantly to ground me with less successes than she’d like I think.  I haven’t actually told her about these articles/ exercises/ suggestions but she had noticed a difference after the first article.  The only thing I did differently was try some of what you’ve mentioned here.”…BG