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Grandfather Buffalo Goes On An Inner Quest

We wish Grandfather Buffalo well as he inwardly takes leave of one energy and begins his vision quest into his next path. As he goes Grandfather leaves behind his old name and moves into the energy of his new name – Buffalo Heart.

Buffalo Heart is now setting out to explore new inner territory and, when he emerges, he will return to these pages with more of his ancient philosophy on his new life path.

All he knows right now is that he is moving forward in his work with goddess energy – White Buffalo Calf Woman, Isis, Sekhmet, Mother Nature….and in the harmonizing of the fully-evolved male and female energies. When he returns, it will be with more insights.

We all wish him well. And in the meantime, he is still available at Crystal Life to help you choose the right tool or stone for you – Fridays and Saturdays. The Grandfather Buffalo’s past blogs are always available on-line; when he returns to blogging, it will be in his new identity.

white buffaloGrandfather Buffalo

From Our Friends – Trees Along a Yellow Creek

They often appear in groups – trees who choose to manifest images in their trunks. Could be for many reasons, such as the nature deva in charge of the area wanting to experiment in this way. Or the earth energy is particularly powerful in that area. Or there is a good deal of interaction with humans and the trees are seeking to ground their energy to communicate.

Steve Spyrison is a sensitive who can also wield a camera and he sent us these images. They were taken in a wooded area near his home that “is a very scenic site along a yellow creek and a limestone bluff…”

photo 2-5 photo 3-4 photo 4-3 photo 5-2 photo 6-1 photo-6



From Our Friends – Tree Spirits from Around the USA

Here are some interesting tree images, and a question, recently sent to us from around the country, by Stacy, Becki and Jordan.

Protector-McArdleStacy McArdle, Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin, tells us: “On our property is this lovely ‘Protector of the Lake.’ He looks out from the bay into the large body of water ahead.”

Stacy has a very interesting website with other spirit images:










Becki sent us a photo with a question I couldn’t answer – any input from our on-line colleagues appreciated: “Would like some input what was showing in my yard while taking pictures of the new snow yesterday.”

Becki - Back Yard Spirit

Jordan Taylor writes: I had just started reading “Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides, and Ghosts” when I found this tree on Catalina Island, California. I love this face!

Jordan - Catalina Island
















From Our Friends – True Gifts of Nature

We’re starting the New Year with a new aspect to the From Our Friends blog. If you have had any experiences with crystals, nature beings or spirits – send us your story!

We start with a story about selenite, sent to us by Abbie Hastings, a yoga instructor in St. Charles, IL:


I used to think crystals were just pretty little rocks. Then, I bought a selenite log a couple years ago from a street vendor in New York City.

While I was drawn in by its shape and alluring moon-like color, my roommate and I both decided to buy it because of its reported benefits.  It coincided exactly with what we needed at that time in our lives, namely protection in times of transition and opening your crown chakra.

The man took his time twisting wire around the selenite so it could be worn as a necklace.

I’m glad he did, because as soon as we each draped a pendant around our necks, the crystal began healing. What could have been an intimidating and anxiety producing last semester of college interning in a new city, turned out to be an unforgettable and eye-opening experience for the both of us. We learned more about ourselves as our crown chakras opened, and felt a sense of innate guidance no matter what stressor came our way.

Every time something happened that seemed almost too coincidental to be true, we would always grab ahold of the necklace, and say, “It’s the stone!” More and more near-psychic events happened since the exact day we bought the Selenite, so much so, that it became the norm.

After the end of our final semester as undergraduates, we both knew the stone pendants had done its job. Both of our crystals were faded in appearance and broke right around the same time. The Selenite worked for us. The benefits are real.

Now, I intuitively know crystals are more than pretty little rocks. They are true gifts of nature teeming with eons of built up intrinsic healing properties waiting to be released to the curious and open soul.

Cosmic Portal – Didactic Art

Didactic art – art that is both aesthetically pleasing and delivers a message. Don’t we all try to live this combination in our everyday lives as well? We want to be attractive looking yet have people respect the messages we embody. We want our work recognized for being good to look at – and being “true” to our mission.lady of forest collage 13 x 19 v 2-1


Our lives and our work are, ideally, an expression of this dual purpose – this polarity of possibilities. Sometimes we swing more to one end or the other, then have to readdress the balance. This attention to balance is necessary if we are to successfully fulfill the promises we made to ourselves and our team when we committed to take form on earth.

Each life form on earth means something, stands for something, and is an opportunity for something to be developed and understood on earth. Each of us has our small or large purpose and function in this play. This may change from life to life, as we learn and master our lessons. In one life we may be a supporting actor, in another lifetime a star on stage.

Life in the world of trees and rocks is much the same. In a forest there may be many supporting actors – then here and there a shining star, a tree or rock whose life force energy is so special it shines out to all around it.

As my work with nature spirit photography has evolved, the distinct personalities and stories told in various trees and rocks becomes more specific. The puzzle is – how to present these stories in a way aesthetically pleasing yet still accurately conveys the tree’s story. A presentation that isn’t simply a Botany pictorial of textbook images.

Along the way, many people have helped me develop this work. In the world of photography, many of these significant players have been the professors and students at the College of DuPage, as I’ve learned various aspects of the amazing world of digital photography. This past semester my professor was Russell Phillips, a gifted teacher with a background in architectural photography and the one-time owner of a photography gallery. Here was his solution. It is a combining of the up-close portrait study with the tree or rock in its setting, and an inset explaining the story. How do you like it? Any suggestions for other possibilities?

This images is one in my series on the feminine as expressed through trees. The copy under the image reads:

The Lady of the Forest.

A Lady of the Forest watches over the well-being of all life within her realm. This lady has a heart-shaped face and is a spirit messenger: one eye is communicating with earth while the other eye, conspicuously absent, is communicating with spirit. Here she is birthing a baby bird.

From Our Friends – Rocks in Chile

Joy Fernandez writes:  I am back from my trip to Chile … I visited 2 of the oldest Vineyards in Santiago – the Concha y Toro Winery and the Cousino Macul winery.  I am SO in tune now to the peace that comes along just wandering down the tree-lined roads … it’s such a beautiful experience.  It’s also SO fun to be able to spot the wonderful tree and rock spirits as we go along … almost like searching for hidden treasure.

This was located at the Concha y Toro Vineyard in Santiago, Chile.  Loved it – my first rock photo!!


From Our Friends – Nature Spirits from an Infinity Foundation Workshop

Some of the participants in a nature spirit photography workshop I offered at Infinity Foundation sent me photos they took that day. Here is a selection of these photos.

The winner is Joy Hernandez, who not only was able to get the nature spirits to pose for a photograph – her photographic skills are very good! Joy receives a signed copy of my book Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts: How to Talk With and Photograph Life Forms of Other Realms.

Now – alas, I switched e-mail programs and G-mail ate up my folder where I saved image submissions. So if anyone else sent photos from the class…my apologies, and please send them to me again – email problem is solved.

Joy Hernandez reports:  “I am amazed and what I saw! I’m so very excited to continue my journey with these beautiful expressions that surround us within nature!”

Joy Hernandez - 1 Joy Hernandez - 2 Joy Hernandez - 4 img_9001 Joy Hernandez - 5













 Joy Hernandez - 3







 Here is a photo sent in by Kay Broxton, who got a very nice photograph of this root face.

Kay Broxton - 1







The photos below were sent in by Paula Tortorice. She says: “I really loved the afternoon, the company, and the content of the class, great job.”

Paula got a nice shot of an interdimensional portal we found on the site – her first photo here. Notice the quality of light inside the lower curved tree as versus what is seen in other parts of the photograph. That curved tree marks the entryway to other dimensions. But, as I explained to the class, you need to be focused on accessing that world; someone not knowing about such matters might walk through unaware of anything other than, perhaps, a sensation or a change of mood.

 Paula Tortorice - 1 Paula Tortorice - 4 Paula Tortorice -5

Cosmic Portals – Finding Where You Belong

Occasionally people will tell us that they don’t feel like they belong where they are living now, but they don’t know where they do belong! I can relate to that. When I first came to the Midwest from New York City I settled down temporarily in my brother’s hometown. When it was time to settle in, I must have looked at over 200 houses.  I felt sorry for the optimistic real estate lady who kept trying – but nothing worked. It’s hard when you are interdimensional, because you know what the house is saying when you check it out. None of the houses were saying, “Yes, come live here, we accept you!”

world-map-pinsFinally,I had a long hard talk at my inner round table with my guides. “You asked me to come to the Midwest,” I said. “Now where am I to go?”

“There is someplace we want you to go,” they replied, “but you don’t know the name, so we can’t point you to it.”

“Great,” I said back. “Now what am I supposed to do?”

Three days later the universe moved things around and an acquaintance mentioned a friend of a friend – Cait Benten – who does astro-relocation. I’d never heard of anything like that! She works with you and your chart, helping you locate the part of the world, state, city, even street, where you will be happiest. So I tried it out. She worked with me, explaining where I should not move, and two options where I could move and be happy. One was a place called St. Charles, IL – I’d never even heard of it. So I got out my map, got in the car, and as I got nearer and nearer to St. Charles, I literally felt myself getting very happy and feeling very, very welcome! I loved this little town the minute I saw it, quickly located a real estate agent, and on the second time out with her, took two steps inside the front door of a little ranch house in the quaint downtown area – and fell in love with it – and it with me!

So should you need a bit of a boost finding where you belong, in these changing times, I highly recommend this unusual and valuable service!

Cosmic Portal – Working with Guardians of Place

There are many systems for keeping the energy of a home, workplace or room clean and properly energized. As a dowser and energy worker, I find one that is often overlooked is communicating with the interdimensional guardian of that space. Establishing clear, conscious communication with the life force energy who exists within a specific place is one of those “of course!” moments.

Look at it this way. There are no voids in the universe. Inside whatever appears to be a void is an energy we simply do not yet comprehend. The hard sciences keep proving this to us over and over – for example, they have discovered that so-called “black holes” are vibrant with life force energy and the far reaches of dark space, when viewed through a strong enough telescope or the traveling Hubble Space Telescope, reveal millions of more galaxies just outside our sight.

hubble galaxy

Galaxy M74 – Hubble Space Telescope image. NASA.

The same is true with the space you occupy at home and work. It is not empty: it is full of thoughts, feelings – and beings or life force energy. Now you can ignore this “500 hundred pound gorilla in the room” or you can learn to be aware of this reality, and learn to work with these energies. The benefit of being aware far out-weighs staying “ignorant” of this situation.

And, in actuality, if you look at the situation above time and space – ALL existence, through any time and location, exists simultaneously exactly where you are right now. It is “simply” what you choose to focus on – to give your personal attention and life force to – that determines what you will experience. This is, of course, based on the limits you have placed on your own infinite abilities to discern consciousness.

If you believe that you are spirit choosing to reside inside a body, then you can only extend this to understand that you can learn to connect to spirit at any level. You just need to adjust your energetic sight to do so.

These are a lot of “just”s and “simply”s. But the challenge, for those of us who can see into other dimensions and who can communicate with beings from other realms, is to figure out the next logical step for our abilities.

I would like to posit that it is to consciously work with these beings for the betterment of us all. To work together to make a better universe for all.

Now here’s the rub – the type of communication that is possible is also infinite in form. You can approach it as a scientist seeking information from, say, the life forms of the cellular level world. Or you can look at it from the point of view of creating a healthy, happy, positive environment inside your own room, home, workplace, community.

All these are options that the one Source has left open for all its creation to explore.

So, sit down, get quiet, relax, and speak to the space you are occupying. You can “imagine” you hear a response – words, feelings, knowings. We start with “imagining” because that frees up the mind to break out of current boundaries and imagine other possibilities. Whatever you can imagine – is a reality in some world or another, if only right now in your own mind. You are setting forth a thought form – a seed that will grow into a reality. OR – you are connecting into another frequency or realm of existence where real beings live and are able to interact with you.

Either way, together, you can start to affect positive change in your environment. You can set up a test situation with the energy: establish a goal, together, which if achieved indicates that the life form is real and cooperation is available.

As you do this, over time, your inner observation muscles grow and develop, and you can achieve more. The thing that helps keep you on track is approaching it scientifically. Once contact is established, you are looking to – kindly – track the interactions, and refine them. Can contact be replicated? Does the energy feel consistent each time? Is the energy positive and non-harmful to any living being? Can you make a work contract with the life form, with goals and time frames, and have it come true?

All these are testing and proving processes that work interdimensionally much the way relationships do in the human realm. What you put into it, you get out of it. Sometimes relationships work and last, and sometimes they don’t and disintegrate.

But…bottom line…these forces exist, and being aware of them, being able to decipher their motives and objectives, is much more useful to you than pretending they don’t exist – and either having them unconsciously affect you – or missing the opportunity to make positive changes in your world.

Stones are very useful for this work and here are some I recommend.

Quartz globes. This enables you to go inside the balanced merkaba energy around all life forms, and to safely learn to travel through time/space.

You can use the following singly or in combination. Used in combination these offer a complete energy “cocktail” for helping you deal with any situation you encounter energetically. You can use specimens or combine a pendant of each and wear them together.

Quartz - any configuration. Quartz is, molecularly, a star tetrahedron and working with a piece helps you to stay in balance as you inwardly travel through time/space.

Selenite. Keeps energy clear and aligned and is useful for clearing out energetic debris in a room or inside a person.

Kyanite. Especially blue. Aligns energy, is self-clearing. Helps manifest energy correctly at the body level. Often grows in combination with quartz so clears and balances.

Tourmaline. Especially black. Clears out negative energies and entities, so that beneficial energies predominate.



2013 Nature Spirit Photo Contest Winners

We had over 750 entries in this year’s photo contest. You can see the top winners and ten honorable mentions, and read the story behind the images, in our Public Submissions photo gallery.


First Place – Serpent Mound Spirits – Connie Mastenbrook


The Serpent Mound spirit is shown on the right; an image of the Man Mound effigy of the horned man on the left


2nd Place – Face in Room – Farzam Baig

3 Salvador-Navarro-2-1

3rd Place – Rock Spirit – Salvador Navarro