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Earth Share | Vajra Cross

Vajra Cross Pendant

Originally associated with the Vedic god Indra, the Vajra (Sanskrit), or Dorje (Tibetan) is a tool wielded by various Hindu and Buddhist deities, and used in ceremony by Buddhist monks.

The Dorje is a lightening bolt of consciousness that disintegrates ignorance, and is also referred to as a diamond, representing indestructibility and the power of spirit.

Photographed is a double Dorje, though they are typically seen with two ends rather than four. The double Dorje, or Vajra Cross, is used to provide an immovable foundation and powerful protection.

Earth Share | Atlantean Stones and Tools

The lost continent of Atlantis is still being sought. There are many versions about the nature of its existence, of the capacities of its citizens, and exactly where it was located. All tell of a civilization with a very high level of psychic knowledge, an expert use of crystal technology for external and internal power – and a certain mental arrogance in their mastery of the same. Some tales state that the destruction of Atlantis was a karmic payment for their mis-use of crystal and psychic power. Many people today feel they were once Atlanteans who have reincarnated with the hope that they can assist earth’s advent into advanced technology in a more balanced manner. Whether this can occur is a story still evolving.

AtlantisThe Atlantic Ocean owes its name to Atlantis, as many people believe that mysterious civilization was located somewhere in this region. Plato wrote of this civilization, of its concentric rings of land and water, and how the continent was lost below the sea. He received his information from Egyptian priests who explained the story was recorded in various hieroglyphs on the pillars of temples in Egypt. Explorers have studied Plato’s text to try and discover where Atlantis lies, yet it still eludes us. Today, tales of Atlantis and the thirteen master crystal skulls that resided there fill the literature of mystics and energy workers alike. Mystics have attempted to access the Akashic records to locate the continent, but so far there has been no definitive success. Underwater explorers have found parts of great temple walls and roads off Bimini and Cuba, and many feel these may be Atlantean structures.

Some gemstones resonate with the energy of Atlantis, and you can work with these to do your own inter-dimensional explorations of this ancient story.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper resonates well with Atlantis, is very helpful during meditation and encourages positive relationships. A beautiful, soothing stone that draws energy from water, it is also known as The Atlantis Stone.

Ocean Jasper connects you to the mystic knowledge of Atlantis, and is connected to the strength and renewal of the legendary continent. This mainline for this gemstone was found off the coast of Madagascar at low tide, thus why it has a strong essence of water. This stone is available at Crystal Life as tumbled stone (in-store and online), pebble stone and pendants (in-store only).


Atlantisite hails from Tasmania and comes in a variety of striking color combinations of purples, pinks, and greens. This gemstone is a combination of green Serpentine and purple Stichtite. Atlantisite helps the wearer to access past lives in Atlantis, as well as helping to reconnect to inner ancient wisdom.



This is an excellent stone for working on heart chakra issues, especially when there is a desire to feel secure, embrace self-love, and create healthy boundaries. This stone is a positive companion for those who wish to live life in a more relaxed manner, lower stress levels, and hope to learn how to think before speaking.

Crystal Life carries this gemstone as specimens, a variety of tumbled stone sizes, wands and pendants. The images provide a good example of the variety of colors that are Atlantisite. All have been hand-selected by Atala for their high vibration and positive energy.

Atlantis was the host to the legendary thirteen skulls, created and seeded with necessary information for the human race to interact and expand knowledge. Some of these skulls survive to this day. Legend states when the need arises and they are reunited together, they will be activated once again by those who have the highest good for humanity at heart. Some of these skulls have been reunited already, while others have yet to rejoin their collective.

rose-quartz-skull-2-1-2Today the crystal skull is used in many traditions for a variety of reasons. Most agree that the skull is a sign of the impermanence of life and mortality. Activation of a crystal skull through meditation can help to achieve a higher consciousness, as well as achieve a higher purpose. When working with a skull, it can autonomically link into the Master set. Some people have the capacity to ask their representative modern skull for assistance in learning about Atlantis and its ancient wisdom; you can try this yourself. Crystal Life carries a variety of gemstone crystal skulls, from palm size on up. These skulls are available in-store only. Call or visit our Geneva, IL store to see what selection is currently in-stock. Crystal Life carries gemstone skull pendants online. To learn more about crystal skulls, we highly recommend  The Crystal Bible 3 by Judy Hall.

The Atlantis Ring was first discovered as a clay ring in the sands of the Valley of the Kings, Egypt. It is a vibrational tool that was discovered by a French archaeologist in the late atlantean_ring_1_l_11880’s. Not knowing what his find was, at his death it was passed on to dowser and pioneer in shape waves, Andre de Belizar. It was de Belizar who discovered the properties of the ring. However, it wasn’t until the discovery of King Tut’s tomb that the power of this symbol was appreciated. There were many protective spells placed on the tomb, with the warning that opening it would bring death. Explorer Howard Carter was wearing the ring during the opening, and he was the only member of the expedition who did not meet a sudden, untimely death; he lived to an old age.

The Atlantis ring emanates a strong protective frequency that helps to dissipate incoming negative energies, This ring is a favorite of Crystal Life staff members because it speeds up healing, provides well-being, and connects the wearer to higher vibrations. Crystal Life carries the Atlantis ring in Sterling Silver, in sizes 5 – 15.

To see a full selection of products that resonate with Atlantis, visit our Sacred Arts Atlantis room.


Earth Share | Swedish Day Treats

Swedish Days is Geneva’s biggest festival of the year! Hundreds of thousands of people visit town for the carnival, great food, shopping, festivities, outdoor concerts and for many, the rock shop known as Crystal Life!  Here is a blog written a few years back about that many visits of some young rock enthusiasts.

Semiprecious gemstones - round color spectrum

Kids love rocks, and during Swedish Days some children choose rocks/crystals over treats and plastic toys. Every year they came up with some creative ways to obtain more crystals and rocks for their collections. One that stands out most in my head was a boy in from Sheridan, IL.

He came in the store four times with a different adult each time! On the first visit, he got many different treasures. His second time in, his grandparents bought him a couple items and the grandfather told the boy to ask if he could get a discount for being so cute. I told him that if I did that I would have to give each child a discount because they are all cute! Couple hours later, he was back in with the first adult and had a spending limit of $11. He left, saying that he would see me a little later. He meant it.About couple hours later, he was back in with yet another person and left with yet another crystal. It was fun to see this budding crystal enthusiast expand his collection all in one day!

On Saturday, there was a boy who came in to get a crystal to add to his collection, “A stone that he does not already have!” His grandmother gave him a budget of $25. I pointed out Cobalto-Calcite. He already had that. I pointed out Marcasite. Has that. After suggesting a couple of other items, I let him explore. He found the perfect piece, an Orange Agate Obelisk.

On Sunday afternoon, the same little boy came in with his dad and a different set of grandparents. bag_large_stones_2-1He was looking around when Gary pointed him out to me. I asked if he was the one who got the obelisk yesterday. He confirmed, which prompted his dad to ask if he was in with his other grandparents yesterday. With his plan foiled, the adults convinced him that they would come back after he went to the carnival. The youngster just wanted a bag of rocks to add to his collection, and the nosy clerk had to ask too many questions. “Sorry little guy!” I thought to myself. Later in the evening the young man was back, and got his bag of stones, as the adults had promised.

Saturday evening, two girls came in and decided that they would split a bag of tumbled stones. They accomplished this after a great deal of discussion as to the prettiest, and to whether large or small stones would work best. They left and returned a few minute later with one girl’s older brother – about 11 years old – and a younger brother in tow. The older boy informed us with sincere responsibility that he was in charge of the group, that he was going to be a Marine when he grew up, and that he was very good in planning strategy! He kindly informed his wide-eyed younger brother that the two of them could each pick ten stones to put in the bag. If these fit in, they could each pick two more. The two boys efficiently went about their business, and completed their job quickly, peacefully and to the great satisfaction of the “officer in charge!”

Earth Share | Wood Nymphs

Forest Nymph

Wood Nymphs

Type: Dryad

Deep in the elder forests of flowing green the Wood Nymphs roam, They are mysterious creatures who blend into the scripted bark of swaying trees. They run through the forest their footprints molding into the mossy floor.

Wood Nymphs are the attendants of the Faery Queen. In ancient Greece Artemis (Diana) the Goddess of hunt and moon had Wood Nymphs as her companions.The Wood Nymphs’ bodies become part of the trees they inhabit, their beauty is mesmerizing. They are known to be the symbol of good luck, protection, lucid dreaming, and grounding energy.

When you go on a nature walk carry Tree Agate with you to connect with the Wood Nymphs, meditate in the forest to connect with the Fae realm.

Earth Share | Plant Spirits & Healing

In my work as a Plant Spirit Medicine healer, I have the privilege of observing, facilitating and holding space for people as they come into a state of wellness. I find that this “witness” stance is quite important in my work because at times clients forget how much and how deeply they have healed. I’m sure we can all relate as we sometimes tend to see all that we still have to do (glass half empty) rather than how far we’ve come or how much we have in fact already grown, progressed, improved (glass half full). To some extent, it’s human nature.

plantspiritmedicinePlant Spirit Medicine is a powerful yet subtle form of healing that calls on the spirits of plants to bring physical, mental and spiritual balance and wellness. It is an ancestral medicine, a medicine for our entire life. It is one of the sacred ways in which our ancestors cared for one another and cultivated their relationship with the living breathing world around them. It is a way of life and healing that had been lost to us, but is now coming back into our world.

Our ancestors knew right away when they felt unwell. They received healing whenever something felt off and I’m not talking just physically. Nowadays our very busy technological lives can make it difficult for us to realize immediately when we are unwell. Sometimes we don’t realize until a major symptom has become entrenched and demands that we change. Plant Spirit Medicine restores us to health by restoring our relationship, connection and responsiveness to the Natural world, our environment and our deepest part, our spirit.

 A fascinating process, the journey of healing.

We generally sense that we are unwell because something is not quite right. It may be that we used to feel more enthusiastic, able to bounce back, to exercise without pain, to breathe more fully, to laugh more readily. For whatever reason, we know something has changed for the worse. This begins to create a disconnect. If unattended this disconnect can move to our relationships by not being as fulfilling, our work by not being as purposeful, and our enjoyment of our life or lack thereof. If still left unattended, this disconnect can in fact then begin to isolate us. We feel nobody understands, feels the same or “gets it.” When we begin to feel isolated, and then we really fall prey to all manner of disempowering thoughts, habits and ways of being.

Seeking help as soon as we know something is off

We may not know how to describe what we are feeling, sensing, but we know something is not well in us. At times other people can point this out, often we just feel it. There is a strong and destructive victim mentality that can prevent us from seeking help. Whereas our ancestors would have gone immediately to the shaman, healer or herbalist in their community, we tend to wait because we are taught to suck it up, keep working, keep going no matter what. Big mistake. In perpetuating that fallacy and ignoring our body and soul’s signals, we are setting ourselves up for more trouble. If instead we ask for help, help will arrive. What I am saying is that in order to heal, we need to give ourselves permission to heal, to be well. Once you have decided you deserve to be well, it is important to cultivate discernment. In looking for a healer, practitioner or even for advice, it is good to observe, meet with people, check references, see how your practitioner’s style and values work with yours. You want to choose wisely.

Is worse before better always true in the process of healing?

Becoming well after years of living in denial, abusing our bodies or ignoring the signs is a process, not a one-time fix. It requires commitment. It is a dazzling journey filled with amazing gifts and blessings. Like anything worth doing or worth having, it requires sacrifice, attention, steadfastness. Yes, of course, there are benefits to be received after 1 or 2 healing sessions, but patterns have their own magnetism and their own power. It takes depth over time to truly heal. Layers of stress, strain and trauma begin to fall away. This is not always easy or pretty, but such a worthwhile endeavor! We begin to reconnect with our true nature, our true joy, our true purpose.

What health and wellness look like

One of the most beautiful things I experience in my healing practice is witnessing the unfoldment of a new life. Not the birth of a baby, but the unfoldment of a new adult life. I know my clients are moving more fully into balance when they begin to want to give back, find their purpose in life, and make a difference for the better. We are all familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The fact that a client is in this state of openness is a great indication of their healing. As they begin to feel well, they begin to feel more generous, expansive, to think more kindly of others. It is a gorgeous and amazing thing.

Here are some telltale signs of health and wellness:

Gratitude. An impetus to give thanks to God, the Divine, Nature, others for everything we are and all we have, all we experience.

Expansiveness. A desire to touch the lives of others for the better. A desire to be more open and affable and less constrained, stressed, or stuck in our ways.

Community. A willingness and wish to connect and share with others, gather, be with and around people. A recognition and celebration of this as one of our


ADRILIAPEDERSENPSMbiophotoAdrilia V. Pedersen specializes in Plant Spirit Medicine. This is her second blog share with ISIC & Crystal Life Technology. Her first blog share was very well received – to read it please follow this link. For more information on Adrilia and her practice, visit her website.



This is the last blog from ISIC. We thank all the practitioners and facilitators who have shared their energy modality with us and our readers. To keep in touch with the events of ISIC please visit their website.


Earth Share | Grid for Nepal

Crystal Grid for Nepal

Crystal Grid for Nepal

In efforts to offer assistance to those affected by the recent earthquakes in Nepal, we have created this crystal grid. It’s intention is to guide those who lost their lives and to bring peace and healing to the land and its people. It is also designed to balance the ley lines that run through the Nepalese area.

We urge you to meditate with this grid and use it to send healing energies to those who are in need at this time.

Crystals Used:

  • Tibetan Quartz – enlightenment, raises vibrations
  • Celestite – celestial guidance, angelic comfort
  • Danburite – consciousness, healing
  • Aragonite – aligns ley lines, earth healing
  • Brown Selenite – grounds and clears earth energies
  • Magnetite – balances energy, corrects magnetic fields
  • Black Tourmaline – dissolves negativity, protection
  • Clear Quartz – balancing, clearing, magnifying


Earth Share | Quan Yin

Quan YinThe universal embodiment of compassionate protection of humanity. She is the feminine aspect of the Buddha.

Quan YinQuan Yin, also spelled Kwan Yin, is a Chinese goddess that originated from the androgynous deity Avalokitesvara. Divine energies often manifest in their true balanced state, displaying both feminine and masculine qualities. Avalokitesvara translates to “He who perceives the worlds lamentations”.

Quan Yin typically appears in flowing white robes signifying purity. She also commonly carries a Willow branch through which she pours compassion. The pose, or asana, pictured above is called the Royal Ease pose. She has one foot in the heavens and the other on Earth, serving as a bridge between the two.

From Our Friends | Utah Nature Spirits

We recently received this nature spirit image from Rebecca Wilhelmsen who came across this tree full of nature spirits near Salt Lake City, Utah.



“I was walking along a popular trail near Salt Lake City when I saw this tree hollow. The thin piece of wood still attached on the side of the hollow looks like a baby bird nestled inside an egg! Depending on how you look at it, the baby bird can appear to be positioned with its head at the bottom or at the top.”

This tree has many different nature spirits within it, but a close up of  the CLTFOFBIRDbaby bird in an egg area (below) isn’t as clear to us as it was to Rebecca due to the angle of the photo. However, Rebecca’s image does capture other nature spirits which were more clear when viewing her photo!


Just below the opening of the tree, and slightly to the left issquirellferret what appears to be the energy of a badger peering out into the world over it’s shoulder.







GryffinwomanTo the right and a little up from the opening are spirits nestled close together. First we see a woman with long hair and a pointed chin in the middle top of the image.  Just below her resides a nature spirit wolf, possibly reflecting some of the wildlife that is native to where Rebecca was walking.

Thank you, Rebecca for sharing your image with us and the nature spirit friends it holds!





Animal Totems | Crystals for Dragon Energy

The ruin walls cast shadows across the moor, the rolling grey splatters against the soft blue sky. Among the ancient stones lies a dragon, its fiery breaths rumbling in its chest. Embers of a roar hidden within its quiet breaths. Curled against the pools of gold and mossy stone it sleeps, tucked away in dreams of soaring, casting its golden crimson across the starry sky.

Dragons have captivated the minds of adventurers worldwide for thousands of years. Their powerful and dominating persona have been both adored and feared.



These four stones help you connect with this powerful spirit animal:

  • Ruby – vitality, passion, psychic protection
  • Merlinite – connects to Arthurian era, mystical energy
  • Serpentine – serpent energy, regenerative, kundalini
  • Fire Agate – fire, protection, base chakra, Earth connection
  • Dragon Stone – kundalini, order out of chaos, activates chakras

If you work with Dragon energy, be sure you are ready to manage it’s power and chaotic strength.

Earth Share | 2015 the Year of the Sheep

The Chinese New Year begins on Wednesday, February 18 at 5:47 pm CST and will be celebrated all week-end. It is the most widely celebrated and important traditional holiday throughout China and other Asian cities and countries worldwide.

Year of the GoatReferred to as the start of the “Lunar New Year”, the beginning of the Chinese New Year changes every year because it is based on the solar/lunar calendar.

The element this year is Wood, the energy is Yin. It is a continuation of last year’s Wood Horse year, but with a softer and less fiery edge. It is predicted that this year’s gentler energies will have a lasting effect because it is setting the foundation for years to come.

The analysis below combines ancient formulas used in Traditional Feng Shui practice that takes the aspect of time in consideration. In Traditional Feng Shui, annual updates based on the yearly energy takes precedence over any other method. Like tax season, practitioners in Asian countries and communities have been busy getting their charts and clients ready for the annual change.

Based on my research and analysis, both Western Astrology and Feng Shui practitioners are in agreement that the energies will be stronger at the beginning of the year due to planetary junctions and eclipses. Astrologers have deem this year’s energy in one word: Expansion. In Feng Shui, that is the energy of Wood.

From the Feng Shui perspective, the GOOD NEWS is:

*  The Wood element symbolizes growth. Financial and economic growth will continue. There are  great opportunities present to build wealth.

*  The element of Wood feeds Fire in the productive cycle.  (See my blog on the Five Element Theory) This means that Fire related industries like energy, electronics, beauty, food, fire arms, and the military industries will continue to grow and improve.

*  Although there is still a lot of conflict in the world, communications will stay open through continued diplomatic negotiations. The sign of the Sheep is considered to be a natural negotiator and a diplomat.

*  Women will continue to advance in key leadership positions; political, corporate, high level management, entrepreneurial roles and world affairs. Women can start a new project they’ve been contemplating or continue one they already started. The return of the feminine energies is still in place and will culminate next year, the year of the Fire Monkey.

*  Men are poised to have a great year. There are great opportunities for improvement in relationship, studies, sales, travel and writing. A nice relief after having a tough time last year.

*  Healing communities are calling this The Year of Innocence. In order to continue our spiritual growth we need to let go of the old ways and start looking at life with the innocence of a childs eye. The element of Wood is the central theme in Feng Shui, this element also symbolizes the season of Spring. Imagine the buds, fresh light green colors and eggs hatching in the spring.

*  This year’s energy is poised for an abundance in learning through technology. There will be lots of online learning through workshops, classes and webinars. Use of the internet will grow exponentially.

Of course, not everything will be rosy,

*  The sector of accumulated wealth is mildly affected. It is important to be watchful for anything that may deplete your investments, benefits and retirement. You may start with taking care of your health. Use metal items to neutralize this energy.

Every year, there are some areas to watch for called afflictions, these are areas of negative CHI that should remain quiet and untouched. The top 2 areas are;

*  The Grand Duke of Jupiter or Tai Sui. This year, he resides in the Southwest, between 202.6 – 217.5 ( 15 degree area). It is important for anyone not facing this area in the Southwest, as this disrespects the presence of the Grand Duke. Change the position of your chair or pivot it if you cannot. It is best to have your back to the Southwest and have him as your guardian instead. In traditional Feng Shui the Southwest is the area for women. This means that there is a likelihood for conflict among women. Knowing this piece of information is very important, because it prepares us to be an observer and avoid being caught in the fire!

*  The second major affliction is called the 5 Yellow. This year it is located in the West, the Children and Creativity Area. That means there is a potential of injury and harm to children. Unfortunately, the recent violence against children in France is an indicator of this energy. A wind chime in the West or a metallic item is a good way to neutralize this energy, especially if this is your front door or a space you spend a lot of time in.

I hope this blog helps to prepare you for the year ahead. The Chinese New Year Celebration in Chicago’s Chinatown is Sunday February 22nd. The dancing dragon parade takes place from 1-2pm.

Best wishes for a great New Year!