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Cavansite in matrixCavansite is a stone of transition through major life changes. It helps you to make sense of previous experiences, release faulty thinking, and optimistically deal with your issues. It helps you remember information gained from spiritual journeys, and facilitates the clear communication of messages from the spirit.


     Cavansite and Stilbite – this combination is soothing, helping you align with the energies of the higher realms, relax into meditation – get a good night’s sleep. The combination is a balm to the emotions and brings harmony and rest.

Earth Share | Decorating & Creating Happiness with the Feng Shui Fire Element

The five elements of Feng Shui represent the natural rhythm and flow of the universe. The universe was created with balance amongst all things – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. Because our homes are a reflection of us, the elements, colors and light used help us to stay balanced.

feng shui fire elementIt is natural that the fire element is heightened during the holiday seasons with the addition of more lighting, candles and the color red (orange, yellow, and green accents) to our interior spaces. These changes create uplifting and energizing spaces in our homes and offices, giving us more energy and focus. Shapes may be used to enhance the fire element: such as triangles, pyramids, and cones. Tall, healthy plants, such as a natural Christmas tree, woolen fabrics and leathers can be used to activate and enhance the energy of the space. Isn’t it natural to dream of sitting near a fire in colder areas with a warm wool throw over your lap? Animals are another adjustment for the fire element, and are a very popular design decor. You will find birds in winter scenes, holiday decorations, and seasonal art work. These external changes to your home can also affect you internally.

The fire element represents the Fame gua and is associated with your character, image and happiness. Adding some enhancements can improve and develop the “inner fire” for self-confidence, which is the key to happiness, and your place in life. You can transform your reputation and become recognized for something new, or represent yourself in a new “light”. Therefore, it is important to have a clear idea of what the purpose of your life should be, set an intention for this, and develop the confidence to make the adjustments on your journey. Your aspirations and achievements, whether in work, in love or in friendship help to move you forward on this path. I have a wall plaque with a quote written by an anonymous author, with a very thought provoking thought:  “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending!’

So the simple holiday lights, bright decorations and colors on the natural Christmas tree do so much more than just celebrating a holiday; they lift our spirits and help build our self-confidence and happiness to be shared throughout the season! Enjoy!



Joan Scheib


Joan Scheib is the own of Joan Scheib Interiors. She is a passionate practitioner of re-energizing the heart and soul of the home with her blend of Feng Shui and Interior Design. To learn more about Joan, please visit her website.

Cosmic Portals | Working with Guardians of Place

There are many systems for keeping the energy of a home, workplace or room clean and properly energized. As a dowser and energy worker, I find one that is often overlooked is communicating with the interdimensional guardian of that space. Establishing clear, conscious communication with the life force energy who exists within a specific place is one of those “of course!” moments.

Look at it this way. There are no voids in the universe. Inside whatever appears to be a void is an energy we simply do not yet comprehend. The hard sciences keep proving this to us over and over – for example, they have discovered that so-called “black holes” are vibrant with life force energy and the far reaches of dark space, when viewed through a strong enough telescope or the traveling Hubble Space Telescope, reveal millions of more galaxies just outside our sight.

hubble galaxy

Galaxy M74 – Hubble Space Telescope image. NASA.

The same is true with the space you occupy at home and work. It is not empty: it is full of thoughts, feelings – and beings or life force energy. Now you can ignore this “500 hundred pound gorilla in the room” or you can learn to be aware of this reality, and learn to work with these energies. The benefit of being aware far out-weighs staying “ignorant” of this situation.

And, in actuality, if you look at the situation above time and space – ALL existence, through any time and location, exists simultaneously exactly where you are right now. It is “simply” what you choose to focus on – to give your personal attention and life force to – that determines what you will experience. This is, of course, based on the limits you have placed on your own infinite abilities to discern consciousness.

If you believe that you are spirit choosing to reside inside a body, then you can only extend this to understand that you can learn to connect to spirit at any level. You just need to adjust your energetic sight to do so.

These are a lot of “just”s and “simply”s. But the challenge, for those of us who can see into other dimensions and who can communicate with beings from other realms, is to figure out the next logical step for our abilities.

I would like to posit that it is to consciously work with these beings for the betterment of us all. To work together to make a better universe for all.

Now here’s the rub – the type of communication that is possible is also infinite in form. You can approach it as a scientist seeking information from, say, the life forms of the cellular level world. Or you can look at it from the point of view of creating a healthy, happy, positive environment inside your own room, home, workplace, community.

All these are options that the one Source has left open for all its creation to explore.

So, sit down, get quiet, relax, and speak to the space you are occupying. You can “imagine” you hear a response – words, feelings, knowings. We start with “imagining” because that frees up the mind to break out of current boundaries and imagine other possibilities. Whatever you can imagine – is a reality in some world or another, if only right now in your own mind. You are setting forth a thought form – a seed that will grow into a reality. OR – you are connecting into another frequency or realm of existence where real beings live and are able to interact with you.

Either way, together, you can start to affect positive change in your environment. You can set up a test situation with the energy: establish a goal, together, which if achieved indicates that the life form is real and cooperation is available.

As you do this, over time, your inner observation muscles grow and develop, and you can achieve more. The thing that helps keep you on track is approaching it scientifically. Once contact is established, you are looking to – kindly – track the interactions, and refine them. Can contact be replicated? Does the energy feel consistent each time? Is the energy positive and non-harmful to any living being? Can you make a work contract with the life form, with goals and time frames, and have it come true?

All these are testing and proving processes that work interdimensionally much the way relationships do in the human realm. What you put into it, you get out of it. Sometimes relationships work and last, and sometimes they don’t and disintegrate.

But…bottom line…these forces exist, and being aware of them, being able to decipher their motives and objectives, is much more useful to you than pretending they don’t exist – and either having them unconsciously affect you – or missing the opportunity to make positive changes in your world.

Stones are very useful for this work and here are some I recommend.

Quartz globes. This enables you to go inside the balanced merkaba energy around all life forms, and to safely learn to travel through time/space.

You can use the following singly or in combination. Used in combination these offer a complete energy “cocktail” for helping you deal with any situation you encounter energetically. You can use specimens or combine a pendant of each and wear them together.

Quartz – any configuration. Quartz is, molecularly, a star tetrahedron and working with a piece helps you to stay in balance as you inwardly travel through time/space.

Selenite. Keeps energy clear and aligned and is useful for clearing out energetic debris in a room or inside a person.

Kyanite. Especially blue. Aligns energy, is self-clearing. Helps manifest energy correctly at the body level. Often grows in combination with quartz so clears and balances.

Tourmaline. Especially black. Clears out negative energies and entities, so that beneficial energies predominate.



Earth Share| Holiday Season Ch’i

Feng Shui defines techniques to strengthen and boost the positive energy, or ch’i,  in your surroundings, and create peace and happiness, offering one health and motivation to realize one’s aspirations. Feng Shui is not only the proper placement of items, furnishings, organization of one’s space, the selection of color and basic cures, but more importantly, it is a way of life. There are many tips to create immediate and positive changes in one’s life and one way is to bring in vibrant light energy into your home or office. This boost of energy occurs every year during the month of December in a big way!

Starlights-affMany cultures, and religious traditions use lighting and candles through their customs to celebrate the seasons. Bright objects and light-refracting ch’i energy, such as: incandescent and halogen bulbs, candles, fireplaces, lamps, natural light, mirrors, shiny holiday decorations and crystals, are some of the basic elementary adjustments of Feng Shui .

This yang energy provides uplifting, increasing, activating, expanding, and stimulating ch’i energy to the space. Light uplifts energy in a dark space, increases energy by reducing oppressive energy from lower ceilings, activates a stagnant corner, brightens one’s spirit, expands the space by replacing darkness with light, and stimulates energy in a missing corner. The brighter the electrical lights, fire crackling in the fireplace, and ornamental baubles the better! Crystals come in many forms: chandeliers, drinking glasses, and multi-faceted round crystal balls, just to name a few.

Chandeliers are used in dining rooms traditionally, but you might consider changing the light fixture to a chandelier in your office or bedroom. People toast with crystal glasses to share love and good wishes with others. Candles are lit throughout the seasons, not only providing the energy of light, but also providing wonderful scents wafting through the space to uplift your spirit.  Draperies are opened, windows are cleaned and crystals may be hung on red ribbons to bring in and refract energy throughout the space.

Color energy is another basic cure of Feng Shui. The vibrant color of red enhances ch’i as one scatters holiday decorations throughout the home for the purpose of celebrating Christmas. Red is an activating color and can be used in all guas of the bagua of the home. There is an exception to this activation with the Children and Creativity gua, where red blocks the creativity of an individual and the joy and innocence of one’s inner child. This area is located in the center gua of the west area of the home.

During the holiday season it is also important to share ch’i energy with others. One must first focus within to create a loving heart. The smallest activity that you can do for another person, such as performing a good deed every day, giving a candle, selecting a bright item gift, or sending a card with a nice salutation enhances the ch’i around the recipient person and raises the vibration of ch’i within yourself! By volunteering during the holiday seasons and sharing your abundance of time to help someone in need expands one’s compassion and opens the heart, nourishing one’s inner self! So as you enter the holiday seasons, be conscious of raising the vibrant light ch’i energy surrounding you, your family and your friends.



Joan Scheib is the owner of Joan Scheib Interiors. She is a passionate practitioner of re-energizing the heart and soul of the home with her blend of Feng Shui and Interior Design. To learn more about Joan, please visit her website.


From Our Friends | Rock Island State Park Life Forms

Mike McGuigan is one of the finalists in the 2014 Nature Spirit Photo Contest. He has a natural ability to see the spirit inherent in nature. While on an outing to the Rock Island State Park in Door County, Wisconsin, he took these photographs.

Great Ape by Mike McGuigan

Great Ape by Mike McGuigan










Sad Spirit by Mike McGuigan

Sad Spirit by Mike McGuigan

Mike says of this stone spirit – “Perhaps a spirit from the Potawatomi Tribe that used to inhabit the island.”

Earth Share | Live in Peace

In American tradition, it is customary to wish that the deceased may rest in peace. While this is a wonderful intention, why not apply this to life? Why do we not find it customary to wish people to live in peace? There are many stresses that a person may take on in this day and age, anything and everything from relationships, to work, to the spiritual journey. Many of us forget that life is easily as peaceful as we allow it to be.

Peace CoexistIn relationships, no matter the origin, it is inevitable for some form of friction between two people to arise. It is natural for things like this to surface, as most people believe “it is impossible to get along with everyone.” This friction does not have to be exacerbated. If we find peace in ourselves, with who we are, things that may cause tension are able to roll off of us like beads of water. Don’t take things personally. Ever. There is purpose behind every interaction that we share with others. It is our conscious decision to make our interactions positive or not. If someone offends you, analyze why this may be. Simply “not liking” someone is not the answer. It is because they jabbed you in one of your “soft spots”. These soft spots are not only emotional, they are very much energetic, and can be healed with energy work like visualizations, Reiki, or crystals.

Work is probably the most common cause of stress. When things get busy, we tend to lose ourselves, we give ourselves to the stress. How can we avoid repeatedly falling into that vicious cycle? The solution is a simple concept, it is remembering to apply it to your daily life that makes it difficult. If work starts swirling around you, be still, breathe, peacefully sit on top of the situation. The stress is not going to take over your life unless you let it. Remember that you CAN manage the work load, and that accomplishing a challenge is very rewarding. Look at what is making the situation a challenge. Are extra tasks being handed to you? Ask for help, or maybe an extension on your deadline. Are you spacing out, making it difficult to focus? Analyze why you are spacing out. Take a moment to re-center yourself. Find a reasonable solution to your issue, it is there.

On the Spiritual Journey, we become aware of the energetic waves that we are riding. When life comes crashing down on you, remember that you have made it through everything else thus far. What makes this situation any different, any more stressful than the rest? The answer is nothing. It is an illusion that times are tough. Things may appear overwhelming, but you have complete control. What makes something intense, so much that it seems too much to handle? Your perspective. When life hands you a challenge, accept it with a grin. Gratefully accept, and you will find yourself in a state of peace. True peace is not the calm period between storms. True peace is acceptance of the storm and knowing that this too shall pass. Do not wait for the storm to pass before you allow yourself to achieve this state of acceptance. Create your own bliss. Enjoy everything you experience. Love life for the beautiful journey it is, and you will discover that peace was inside of you all along. It was just a projection of turmoil that you were facing. Instead, project peace from your heart.

From Our Friends | Devil’s Lake Part 2

Last week we showed you photos Jeff Scheib took at Devil’s Lake State Park, WI in August 2014 This week we’re showing the photos his wife, Joan Scheib, took on the same family outing. Pretty talented family!

Troll Face - Joan Scheib

Troll Face – Joan Scheib

Gorilla - Joan Scheib

Gorilla – Joan Scheib

Happy Face - Joan Scheib

Happy Face – Joan Scheib

The Hills Have Eyes - Joan Scheib

The Hills Have Eyes – Joan Scheib

Devil’s Lake State Park is a site sacred to ancient people. It has many effigy mounds around the lake, and many spirits that come and go. Today, it is enjoyed by families for camping and picnicking, rock climbers, and effigy mound enthusiasts.

I’ve visited it on a number of occasions, and have taken my own share of spirit photos at this site, including an unusual shot of Bear Mound, showing sun flare, orbs and spirit forms.

The name of the site was given by white folks who did not understand the depth of native spirituality – this was at one time a sacred site of great spiritual depth.

Smiling Whale - Joan Scheib

Smiling Whale – Joan Scheib

Earth Share | Power of Words

The ability to speak is something that most take for granted. Though most of modern societies have forgotten what words really represent, there are many cultures that still embrace the power of words.

images-25Everything is made of various frequencies. Words and sounds are no different. When exploring language from a metaphysical perspective, it is crucial to keep in mind just how much thought/intent, and speech are interconnected. When introduced to a frequency, a feeling is created. This feeling is transformed into thought, and then delivered by speech or body language. The frequency of each of these stages is more or less the same. What changes is the mechanism that the frequency is being carried out through. The underlining “theme” remains the same. Emotion, thought, and speech (as well as the remaining senses) are simply translators of frequency. This means that, energetically, each word you speak carries all of the emotion attached to your message. Some people are very good at hiding their emotions, but if you are sensitive to frequency you will be able to pick up these subtle energies.

Various cultures around the world have utilized the power of words in their practices for ages. When reciting a mantra, or a string of words that carry an intent, many traditions will use a string of beads, or mala, to enhance the thought form they are creating. They are well aware of the vibration they are creating with their ability to form words. Creating sound through thought is bringing the frequency into the physical plane, it is a form of manifestation. Every time you speak you are practicing alchemy, you are transmuting thoughts and feelings into sound.  Another application would be monks singing hymns in a cathedral. The movement of energy by a chorus is easily experienced by the physical body, in addition to the emotional and energetic bodies. Modern psychologists even acknowledge the impact of personal affirmations on the human psyche. They have found that the brain believes what you tell it to. If you sulk about your life, your brain (also the engineer behind the grids of energy that constitute as your field) is going to create the hormone that correlates with your thoughts. Likewise, if you insist on being positive, the outcome of a situation is much more likely to result in your favor.

We must be aware of what we speak. To others and to ourselves. Our words have to be kind. If you are irritated, bite your lip. Lashing out at someone not only affects them emotionally, but it also bombards them with the frequency you are resonating at. Your words have power, so use them wisely.


This blog was originally published November 12, 2012.

From Our Friends | Wolf Orbs

People often send us photos in which they have captured “anomalies” and ask us for our opinion on what was photographed. These photos sometimes make interesting teaching opportunities, one way or another.

Terry sent us this photograph of a wolf with circular objects in the image and asked:

Wolf Orbs“I have collected and photographed lots of orbs, but this one was interesting as the orbs were all clustered at the ground instead of in the air. Any thoughts on this? Are these actually orbs?”

In work such as this, a good digital photo program is valuable. I work with Lightroom and Photoshop. These programs permit you to explore the photo, and to bring up and enhance the information captured by the camera. So I pulled Terry’s photo into Lightroom and enlarged it. Then I adjusted the sliders, to bring out more information about the photo. This is what came forward:

Wolf Orbs Adjusted

 You can see that Terry shot the photo of her unexpected visitor through either a glass door or window, and a flash illuminated the scene. The glass also captured her taking the photo! Nice snapshot of a visiting wolf in your own backyard! But the question was about the round dots on the ground…so here goes.

The round images in this photo are dust, not orbs. The dust could be either on the door/window, or in the air outside, such as occurs almost unseen on a dry day. The dots are transparent, with no “content” inside of them, no edge, and no oscillation in tonal range. These are signals to look for, to help in the analysis. The angle of the camera and flash was downward, through glass, and so the angle of the flash highlighted the opacity of the dust just in the area covered by the flash; if these were authentic orbs, and there was a clustering of them, they would be appearing elsewhere as well.

So…another learning experience in our work to comprehend the many life forms and forces who co-exist with us. Thanks, Terry, for sending us all this learning experience!