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ISIC | Feng Shui and The Four Celestial Guardians

Feng Shui Four Celestial Guardians

Animals have been highly regarded by all cultures from the beginning of time. In fact, many have been carriers of messages, formulas and helpful in the development of humanity. Before the written word was available to everyone animals were used as symbols to embody certain characteristics in people through astrology, a practice still widely used today.

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From Our Friends | Eyes in Lehman Caves

The Old Watcher of Lehman Cave

Kristin J tells us: “As I was looking through my photos after a trip to Great Basin National Park I noticed what seemed to be a face on the wall of Lehman Caves. The whole of the underground caverns is another dimension anyway between above and below, spirit and mortal, dark and light. If you look on the right side of the photo you can see two distinct eyes and a long thin elfin nose as well as a body of mist underneath.”

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ISIC | Akashic Records


Akashic Records are about the origin of the Soul’s journey from the beginning of time. It can be likened to the storage on a hard drive of a computer or a GPS system informing you of where you have been and where you are and direction you are heading. They offer support and provide a sacred space while you learn to trust yourself finding your own Soul’s journey.

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Cosmic Portals | Rubies & Royals


Ruby is an earth stone. It energizes and activates the mental and emotional body. It enhances self-confidence and your passion for life. It is a protective heart stone that eliminates feelings of hopelessness and defeat.

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