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ISIC | Practical Applications of Feng Shui’s Four Celestial Guardians

Feng Shui Family

Analyzing topographical formations is one of the basic core concepts of Feng Shui, derived from the Form School. There are many practical applications of this formula. Use this application to help you choose the best position and location in any room you may use to sit, eat, sleep or work. Use it to establish good and positive interactions where you have meetings as well as social gatherings.

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Cosmic Portals | Gayatri Mantra & Japa


Reciting a mantra with a mala (prayer beads) is called Japa. Malas generally consist of 108 beads, though this will vary across different religions. A mantra is to be chanted 108 times a day, and with every repetition one bead of the mala is rolled between the thumb and middle finger.

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From Our Friends | 2014 Nature Spirit Photo Contest Winners

1-Mary Grid by Iny Weese

Our photo contest for 2014 had over 350 images submitted! Our winners and finalists show a diverse range of nature spirit energy. From the energy of Mary, to a resting giant, there is much to see, and appreciate. Thank you to everyone who submitted their images! We truly enjoyed viewing the different, and similar, nature spirits from around the world!

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ISIC | Crystal Gemstone Skulls

rose quartz skull

Let me begin by stating that there exists consciousness, unconsciousness and the super consciousness. The Akashic and related consciousness fields are accessible to all, but that connection needs to be developed. Within the Chaos/void there is the potential for all things to exist, to come into manifestation. By our thought processes, we ask the why, where and what if questions which connect us to the void and through that conscious connection assists the information to transfer into our third dimension.

So where do crystal/gemstone skulls come in?

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ISIC | Feng Shui and The Four Celestial Guardians

Feng Shui Four Celestial Guardians

Animals have been highly regarded by all cultures from the beginning of time. In fact, many have been carriers of messages, formulas and helpful in the development of humanity. Before the written word was available to everyone animals were used as symbols to embody certain characteristics in people through astrology, a practice still widely used today.

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