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ISIC | What is Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star Feng Shui is an advanced method and system. It is a very effective form of Classical Feng Shui because of its ability to read energy in a deeper level. This method has become popular and more widely practiced in the last 150 years. Masters and Grandmasters use it to meet the needs of modern lifestyle, and architecture following Classical methods.

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Cosmic Portals | Crystals for Fox Totem


Deep in the woods the fox roams, across scattered light and passing shadows. The wise fox is your protector, a dream walker, and a confident guide. Fox is the master of invisibility, discernment, and cunning. It thrives in the night and is known to be a shape-shifter. Fox can take on the role of trickster, but more often is the wise healer.

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ISIC | Live in Peace

Peace Coexist

In American tradition, it is customary to wish that the deceased may rest in peace. While this is a wonderful intention, why not apply this to life? Why do we not find it customary to wish people to live in peace?

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Cosmic Portals | Animal Totem Meditation


This meditation is based on shamanic concepts, but is integrated with modern visualization techniques.If you have someone with you, ask if they can drum a steady and consistent beat for you while you travel inward. The drumming serves as a guide to the spirit world, and then back to your body after the meditation is finished.

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Cosmic Portals | Shiva Symbolism


Shiva is shown here surrounded by the instruments and qualities he uses and embodies. These include: Trishul – Represents the three basic Nadis, Shiva’s ability to destroy evil and ignorance.

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