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Energizing Crystals in Full Moon Energy

Full Moon-2

The moon has always held quite the fascination through the centuries. A potent muse, the moon has inspired melodies, poetry, fable, intricate ceremonies, rituals, and literature. There are even stones that are named after the moon – selenite, moonstone are the most obvious. But did you know that your crystals benefit from the energy of the full moon?

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Animal Totems | Rabbit


Found in myth and folklore, rabbits are a able to cross between the human world and the realm of the faery. Rabbits are a symbol of fertility, abundance, and new life; of taking big leaps and being fleet of foot. Those who have rabbits as a totem are closely tied to the full moon 28 day cycle, which is also the amount of time rabbits go from birth to being on their own.

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From Our Friends | Rock Spirits in South Africa & Australia

Vision Rock - Liz

These rock spirits, sent to us by Liz and Bette, live across the ocean – one in South Africa and the other in Australia.

Liz, from South Africa, sent us this image. She writes: “I recently went on a vision quest and asked the nature spirits for protection. I noticed this back view of a spirit holding up the roof of my rock overhang when I awoke the first morning.”

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