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From Our Friends | Walking into a Vortex

walking into the vortex-close up

There were a lot of vortexes along a New England woodland path that led to an ancient archaeological site. A group of us were out for a walk and I had been commenting on feeling the vortex energy at various spots along the way. Our guide on this expedition continued walking as I paused to snap some photos. Lucky me! Look what I just “happened’ to photograph…

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ISIC | Feng Shui and the Energy of Wealth

wealth | Feng Shui

Wealth through Feng Shui is a subject that is heavily commercialized and exaggerated. It is not really about extra cash and a windfall. Wealth and Abundance energy in Feng Shui is more about fostering the energy of Prosperity. The dictionary defines Prosperity as “a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune.”

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