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From Our Friends| Faery Ring Grid

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Legends whisper that the Fae live within the wild woods among the ocean of lavender and blue daisies. Their roots buried deep within Celtic Britain, where the lore of their existence seep across the land. Ruins hum to the rhythmic movement of their wings, traveling through the earths veins- into the fairy pools of silken blue.

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Cosmic Portals |How to Use Gemstone Prayer Beads


Gemstone Prayer Beads are a superb way to help yourself to inwardly grow, and to protect yourself while doing so. You are combining, in your work, the power of prayer with the power of an ancient tradition devoted to spiritual growth, and the inherent super-ancient energy inherent in the stones themselves.

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ISIC | Mudras


In Sanskrit Mudra means an attitude, gesture or seal. It is a series of ancient Indian gestures used to aid in meditation and express creativity. Each of the hand has a reflex reaction in a specific part of the brain. Mudras use these reflex lines of energy as forms of expression and connection with source. They lock and guide or “seal” the energy flow guiding the reflexes to the brain.

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Cosmic Portals | Crystals for Cat Totem


Connect to the cat totem and enhance your life with a magical touch, feel your spirit lighten with the knowledge of the spirit realm. Strengthen your intuition and lucid dreaming.

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ISIC | Feng Shui for the New Year

New Year 2015

It is important to prepare for the New Year with hope, clarity and positive energy. This positive energy can set the tone for the New Year and help you stay on track with your goals. As we continue the holiday season it is a good practice to review and celebrate our successes and challenges for 2014. What worked, what did we learn, what can we carry forward to 2015?

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