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ISIC | Feng Shui and the Season of Fall


The Fall Season in Feng Shui signifies the gentle transition from the hot and busy summers, yang energy, to the cool months, yin energy. It is the time of the year to slow down and assess our gains and challenges.

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ISIC | Elixir for Allergies and Sinuses


Here is an “on the go” elixir I use for when I get stuffy from allergies. I put 3 rainbow fluorite stones in the bottom of a glass jar and fill to the top with water. Use one with a lid ( you can normally find a good glass jar in the artesian water section or at IKEA). I sit it in a sunlight window sill for 12 hours and leave it there overnight to catch the moonlight (if there is any). The next day you can take it with you and drink through out the day. – Tammy Johnson

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Cosmic Portals | The Viking Era


This stone is also known as Viking Sunstone, the stone found in Alderney within a wreckage of a 16th-century warship in early 2013. The sunstone was used to locate the sun on an overcast day, the vikings held it up to the sky and noted where the stone transmitted light, it was used as old school navigation system.

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ISIC | Practical Applications of Feng Shui’s Four Celestial Guardians

Feng Shui Family

Analyzing topographical formations is one of the basic core concepts of Feng Shui, derived from the Form School. There are many practical applications of this formula. Use this application to help you choose the best position and location in any room you may use to sit, eat, sleep or work. Use it to establish good and positive interactions where you have meetings as well as social gatherings.

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Cosmic Portals | Gayatri Mantra & Japa


Reciting a mantra with a mala (prayer beads) is called Japa. Malas generally consist of 108 beads, though this will vary across different religions. A mantra is to be chanted 108 times a day, and with every repetition one bead of the mala is rolled between the thumb and middle finger.

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