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Cosmic Portals | Crystals for Wolf Totem


The wolf is a symbol of the deep connection with intuition, confidence, and bold instincts. Wolves are dream-walkers and protect against nightmares, They hold moon energy- a balance of light and dark. The wolves are messengers of the spirit realm, which allows you to gain spiritual guidance.

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From Our Friends | Artist Elidio Turco Uses Mirrors and Camera to Create Spirit Art

Elido Turco - Nature Spirit 1

Came across a very interesting article on Italian artist Elidio Turco, who uses mirrors and a camera to artistically “create” nature spirit images such as the one shown below. We thought you might enjoy this artistic approach to nature spirit communication!

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ISIC | Labyrinths and Other Life Forms


Installing a labyrinth on your land is a beneficial way to interact with nature. Labyrinths help to cohere, redirect where necessary, and positively organize energy in a land area. Some people work with labyrinths as a way to connect to universal energy and ground it for use on earth.

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