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Crystals for Dragon Energy


The ruin walls cast shadows across the moor, the rolling grey splatters against the soft blue sky. Among the ancient stones lies a dragon, its fiery breaths rumbling in its chest. Embers of a roar hidden within its quiet breaths. Curled against the pools of gold and mossy stone it sleeps, tucked away in dreams of soaring, casting its golden crimson across the starry sky.

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California Buddies

The Wild Thing

You can’t make these things up!!! My inner team took me to task for taking so many photos of our nature friends…and then not doing anything with them. So they put me on a strict regime of culling through my photos and keeping only those I would do something with. Tough love!!!

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From Our Friends | The Bird Angel

Angel and Bird

This bird has its own bird angel watching over him! This tree lives at the Black Partridge Nature Preserve in Illinois, next to a shelter visited by many hikers and picnickers.

I was aware something was going on here because, while photographing some other tree spirits in a field to the right of this scene, the nature spirits kept calling me to hike a bit farther out and look at this tree.

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From Our Friends | African Greenman

African Greenman - Jamaica

This African Greenman lives in a poinciana tree in Jamaica, West Indies. This majestic old tree stands at a Y in the road of a private enclave near Montego Bay, and has faces on several sides that are watching and guiding the comings and goings of the residents of the area.

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From Our Friends | 2015 the Year of the Sheep

Year of the Goat

The Chinese New Year begins on Wednesday, February 18 at 5:47 pm CST and will be celebrated all weekend. It is the most widely celebrated and important traditional holiday throughout China and other Asian cities and countries worldwide. Referred to as the start of the “Lunar New Year”, the beginning of the Chinese New Year changes every year because it is based on the solar/lunar calendar.

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