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Cosmic Portals | Olympic Peninsula Nature Spirits

grandmother by Atala

It’s always a treat to take some time out from life and go play in nature. Every once in awhile I’ll join a photo outing with photographer colleagues to some interesting site in America. I just got back from the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. I felt honored to be taking photographs of beautiful ancient trees, my work made more poignant because so many of their colleagues, in the great web of life, were losing their lives in the forest fires that had, by that time, consumed over 500,000 acres of Washington State forest.

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Earth Share | The Home Environment


We all have the ability to perceive energy, and as we are entering a time of year in which many energies are shifting – the start of the school year, two eclipses this September and the movement into the peaceful, inviting fall season – it is the perfect time to cleanse the home environment in order to help ease the transition. Space clearing is a simple and effective way to clear lower energies and rise the vibration of a space so it is more positive.

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From Our Friends | Nature Spirits at the Falls


Here are nature spirit photos sent in by Kristal, who has sent in images before. She tells us she read one of the From Our Friends blogs that described energetic ‘crabs': “I…was impressed with these images. I never photographed them before. I have taken tons of orbs and other interesting stuff, but nothing like that. Then today I go out to take orb pictures and low and behold I captured a “crab” of my own

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Cosmic Portals | Working with Your Own Energy Field

Energy Field

When you are working with energy consciously and are now aware that you are being affected, it is important to know where your own energy starts and stops. It is also important to be aware of your own weaknesses that you have not yet transformed, because it is these weaknesses that become especially stressed when confronted or opposed.

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Earth Share | Grid for a Productive Classroom


When teaching in a classroom there are quite a few factors involved in maintaining a productive learning environment. Of these factors there is especially a need for patience, diplomacy, and mutual understanding. Every crystal has a multitude of properties in order to assist us in as many ways as possible. This grid will use only a handful of these properties geared towards creating a safe and productive classroom setting.

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Cosmic Portals | Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra on mugs, coasters, mousepads and pendants

Sri Yantra means “the most honored yantra.” It is thousands of years old, and is prominent in Far Eastern art, both Hindu and Buddhist. It is a popular image among Western yoga practitioners.

The Sri Yantra graphs the harmonizing of all energy that eventually occurs throughout creation. A “yantra” graphs energy as it moves through its own field, or merkaba. Yantras are often incorporated into mandalas. “Mandala” means circle, in Sanskrit.

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From Our Friends | New Visitor

Figure in Basilica - by Kristol

I’ve received a number of emails lately from folks whose experiences are out of my range of knowledge but are, to them, very real. These people are experiencing aspects of a multi-dimensional universe that are worth exploring and understanding. They are sincerely seeking to use our more refined subtle types of new technology to access these other dimensions, and find answers to their experiences.

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