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From Our Friends – Siren Song of the Night

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a crystal guide (yellow orange paper) and pamphlet about the company along with the jewelry and book that I bought.

Sometimes our customers can be very enthusiastic about our line of energy products! Wendy Juhl liked hers so much, she reviewed them on her blog site, Siren Song of the Night, where she wrote:

I got happy mail today. Yay! I purchased some wonderful items from Crystal Life Technology, Inc. I was so excited to receive them in the mail. I splurged on them as a commitment to myself to make my life better.

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ISIC – Power of Thoughts

water 1

“Thoughts are things” – Edward Cayce

There is an unseen energy layer before the physical dimension, between manifest (3rd) dimension and the un-manifest, unlimited potential of the non-physical realm.

Thoughts make up the bridge between those realms. Un-manifested energy takes shape via our thoughts before they manifest and take shape in actual physical 3-dimensional reality.

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Atala Toy – You’re On Your Own!

Atala Toy blue

I’m fortunate to know quite a few energy workers, alternate practitioners, and alternative business owners. Most of us have experienced the same situation. At some point over the past year, it has appeared to each of us that our inner team, or guides, have deserted us. It is very distressing, because up to now each of us has considered ourselves very blessed to have such wise colleagues to consult with, and protect us in our work.

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ISIC – Human Energy 4 – Circle & Square

Yantra of Creation

The circle and the square are often used together to signify the expansion of energy (circle) and the holding of energy to examine it (square). The combination of the two forms – circle and square – enable you to hold an issue steady to examine it, or to generate new energy for a project in a controlled manner. The Far Eastern mandalas and yantras use this combination in an linear form, the Native American Medicine Wheel works with this concept in a spatial manner. I’ll show you the process in these ancient Far Eastern yantras that are still in use today.

The action of creating and holding can be simple or extraordinarily complex. Yantra of Creation Here is a classic Yantra that diagrams the energies of the creation process – any creation process.

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From Our Friends – Dowsing for Water


“When there is a need for something, then you start looking at other alternatives that you wouldn’t necessarily consider when life is good,” says Blair Wolston, Operations Manager for the American Society of Dowsers. “We’ve been here in Danville since 1961 but it’s only when you start to run out of water that you think — how can we find water? “

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Atala Toy – The World through the Eyes of an Interdimensional Explorer

Atala Toy blue

I’ve been around a long time now, having started my search during the hippie years of the 1960s. Having an addictive type personality, in an age where addiction was becoming a popular pastime, I decided that if I had that personality – I would focus on something worth being addicted to. I consciously chose to become “addicted” to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of God.

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ISIC – Feng Shui and the Chakras

Feng Shui & Chakras

The work I am sharing today was written by a colleague, BJ Gorman. The title of her book is “The Ch’i of Body and Place, Linking the Chakras with the Bagua Map”.

In her book BJ states that each Gua, or area and section of the Feng Shui energetic map, correlates to a Chakra center. The Chakra system is based on Hinduism teachings. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “circle”. According to the Chakra system, energy in our body flows as a wheel in motion.

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