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ISIC | Akashic Records


Akashic Records are about the origin of the Soul’s journey from the beginning of time. It can be likened to the storage on a hard drive of a computer or a GPS system informing you of where you have been and where you are and direction you are heading. They offer support and provide a sacred space while you learn to trust yourself finding your own Soul’s journey.

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Cosmic Portals | Rubies & Royals


Ruby is an earth stone. It energizes and activates the mental and emotional body. It enhances self-confidence and your passion for life. It is a protective heart stone that eliminates feelings of hopelessness and defeat.

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ISIC | Bed Placement for the Child


Just before the start of the school year is a good time of year to re-examine your child’s bed placement in order to support them in their upcoming educational year. Feng Shui bed placement practices can help your child rest better so that they experience optimal health,

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Cosmic Portals | Fairy Lore


The Legendary creatures took form within the stories of European Folklore. Enchanting and inviting these Fae folk have wooed the hearts of many over the centuries. Some legends portray fairies as dark creatures, a race of Fae that was feared.

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From Our Friends – 5th Annual Nature Spirit Photo Contest Now Open

Hans Klemmer lst place 2012 - Tree Spirit

Our Fifth Annual Nature Spirit Photo Contest is officially underway! Open to both amateur and professional photographers of all ages, the contest includes all submissions to Crystal Life’s “From Our Friends” blog submitted since last September.

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Cosmic Portals | Dream Grid

Dream Grid

Some of us are graced with beautiful and vivid dreams and the capacity to remember them. Others have to work hard at this everyday. This grid was designed to help with enhancing your previously existing gift or to assist you in developing it.

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