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Cosmic Portals | Human Evolution – The New Consciousness


It’s no secret that as a species we have developed new skills, abilities, and appearances over time and through necessity Having better health practices and better diets has allowed us to develop as a species, but what about those aspects that are more instinctual? While we’ve marveled at the abilities of our bodies, we’ve pretty much ignored what we are capable of when we go within. However, the children of the new consciousness are the next wave of instinctual evolution on our planet. Why are we moving in this direction?

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Cosmic Portals | Expanded Perceptions


We began using the term expanded perceptions at our Blue Papaya Youth Group as a gentle way of describing how individuals feel, sense and perceive at much heightened levels. Having expanded perceptions, and being aware of your sensory capabilities, means that you may perceive through all your senses, just one, or a variety. For Indigo’s, it is never just one sense effected.

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Cosmic Portals | Who are the Indigo Children?


Indigo children, Crystal children, Star seeds… these terms spark something within for many people: curiosity, intrigue, interest, an inner knowing. Then there are the questions – Am I one? What capabilities do they have? What are they here for? Why do we not know more about them? For those who are inquisitive, here are some answers.

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