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Connecting with Your Angels and Guides

Melchizedek by Nanette Crist

The other day a colleague asked me: “Many of my friends talk about conferring with their guides, but I never hear mine. Why is that?”

Quite a number of people have asked me that, since they know I consciously work with a team of guides, in a collective manner. The answer is very often different.

Next Wednesday, July 16, those living near Geneva, IL can attend my evening workshop on the topic of contacting your angels, guides and guardians.

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Indigo Children | Christmas Tree Spirits


It’s quite the experience for us, an Indigo with three Crystals in tow, as we move through the different types of trees. We hear the trees, and the elementals who reside within them as we walk through the tree lots, so we say hello, compliment the trees on their beauty and vitality, and listen to their tales.

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The Only Constant is Change


Change – what does that mean to you? Is it a positive or a negative in your life? It can be a focal point around which all else revolves. We try to remind customers of this, when they come into our store seeking a stone to help them work through some change that is either in their life – or that they want or need to make.

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Crystal Lore | Crystals for the Holidays

Crystals for holidays-3

From November through December in the U.S., we are a flurry of holidays, family get-togethers, office parties, holiday shopping, and celebrations. Life moves pretty fast for these six weeks, and at Crystal Life we depend on our stones to helps us manage this energy. Here are some of our favorite stones to help make your holidays feel a bit more cozy and stress free.

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