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Cosmic Portals | Flower of Life

flower_of_life_by_mirophine-d6kgjx5 | Deviant Art

The Flower of Life is a form of Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is a description applied to the visual graphing of the way light/ consciousness coalesces into form. As pure consciousness descends into form, it sets up points and connections to hold light stable. These points gradually form a pattern. Some people can see these forms, and are able to draw them. These forms exist on a universal level and people who can see energy, in every tradition, see the same core forms.

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Cosmic Portal | The Positive Nature of Negative Energy

Roses - One of the highest frequency flowers - combines both beauty and thorns - light and dark, like most situations in life

Dowsing to understand the nature of so-called negative energies on a piece of property can lead to some surprising insights. When a client calls me in because they are having problems with the energy on their land, we discuss what they perceive to be the situation. Then I walk around myself and listen to what the land has to say. There is often some energy imbalance that has been perpetrated by the unwitting interference of some human process; nature itself has a wonderful way of balancing its own domain.

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Earth Share | Connecting with Ancient Egypt


The knowledge of the universe that Ancient Egypt embodied has influenced billions of people over the centuries. There are many legends as to its founding, including the intervention of extra-terrestrials, of the gods, and of the migration to Egypt of the priests of Atlantis at the time of that island’s destruction. It is said that most of the energy workers on earth today have, at some time, had a significant Egyptian incarnation in which they were trained in energetic techniques by some mystic order. Our resonance with this culture runs deep in us all.

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Earth Share | Vajra Cross

Vajra Cross

Originally associated with the Vedic god Indra, the Vajra (Sanskrit), or Dorje (Tibetan) is a tool wielded by various Hindu and Buddhist deities, and used in ceremony by Buddhist monks.

The Dorje is a lightening bolt of consciousness that disintegrates ignorance, and is also referred to as a diamond, representing indestructibility and the power of spirit.

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Cosmic Portals | Transforming Enmity into Unity

Sri Yantra

There is a strong push underway, during this transitional phase into our new world era, to seal and transform enmities of the past into energies of unity. Our world is being given copious opportunities to do so, from Sunnis and Shiites to Israeli and Palestinians, Hutus and Tutsis, Confederates and Federalists, men and women, families among themselves, and so on.

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