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Atala Toy | New Crystals on Show


We’ve just gone through an intensive period of getting many of our in-store specimens and pendants visible on our website.

It’s a beautiful experience – to see so many lovely items, with accurate color photos and information on the energetic properties of the items. We invite you to visit this wonderful learning experience – it’s a very good way to see your energetic options.

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Atala Toy | Connecting with Your Angels and Guides


The other day a colleague asked me: “Many of my friends talk about conferring with their guides, but I never hear mine. Why is that?”

Quite a number of people have asked me that, since they know I consciously work with a team of guides, in a collective manner. The answer is very often different.

Next Wednesday, July 16, those living near Geneva, IL can attend my evening workshop on the topic of contacting your angels, guides and guardians.

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From Our Friends | Modern Transcendentalist

modern t

Into the wild is where our thoughts wonder, on pathless roads between elder trees and wild flowers. It’s human instinct to be drawn to nature, it’s the core to our whole being. Our pasts rooted deep, and our futures reaching high, all of mankind grows together.

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ISIC | Feng Shui and The Use of Natural Stones and Crystals


Crystals have been admired, and used as precious jewelry, for centuries. Their unique color, brightness and beauty are living works of art. Crystals are also used as healing instruments and tools because of their subtle and profound ability to change our energy, aura, and health.

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From Our Friends | The Runes


The Runes are one of the original Fire Languages. A Fire Language is shown to humans by spiritual beings through natural mediums like flames, water, or spider webs. These languages carry great power when spoken aloud. The Runes are said to be discovered by a King who gazed upon the fluid lines in a stream cast by the Sun.

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