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From Our Friends | Rock Spirits in South Africa & Australia

Vision Rock - Liz

These rock spirits, sent to us by Liz and Bette, live across the ocean – one in South Africa and the other in Australia.

Liz, from South Africa, sent us this image. She writes: “I recently went on a vision quest and asked the nature spirits for protection. I noticed this back view of a spirit holding up the roof of my rock overhang when I awoke the first morning.”

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2016 Nature Spirit Photo Contest

1 -Dean-Thompson-Guardian

We are happy to announce that our annual Nature Spirit Photo Contest is now underway! Submissions are being accepted through Friday, September 30, 2016. As usual, all photographs that have appeared in From Our Friends since the close of last year’s contest are automatically entered into this year’s contest; there is no need for those photographs to be re-submitted.

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Introducing Gary Lupton


We call him our crystal meister! Gary Lupton has worked for Crystal Life longer than any other sales associate, ten years. Always happy to help our customers match their needs to the right stone, Gary has worn many hats during his tenure at Crystal Life, including blog author and instructor of our former Saturday morning classes and workshops.

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Zodiac Stones | Virgo


Happy Birthday, Virgo! The 6th sign of the zodiac, people born under the sign of Virgo are known for their attention to detail, their hard work, and loyalty, as well as their tendency to work and forgetting virgoto take time to play to balance their lives.

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From Our Friends | Micro-Man


One warm late summer day I decided it would be fun to experiment with what could be seen in the natural world up close. I wanted to experiment with what could be seen from yet another perspective. So I took out my 60m jewelry close-up lens and attached it to my Nikon, took only that camera, and headed out to one of my favorite locations – LeRoy Oakes Nature Preserve in St. Charles, IL.

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