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Earth Share | Atlantean Stones and Tools


The lost continent of Atlantis is still being sought. There are many versions about the nature of its existence, of the capacities of its citizens, and exactly where it was located. All tell of a civilization with a very high level of psychic knowledge, an expert use of crystal technology for external and internal power

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From Our Friends | A Nature Spirit Story at Clingman’s Dome

Shy woman

“Down here, come photograph my area,” a nature spirit said from below me. I was at Clingman’s Dome, in the Smokey Mountains, at a cliffside rest area, photographing a panoramic sunset with a group of photographer friends. It was a cloudy evening, not much sun but great conditions for portrait studies! So I inwardly contacted the nature spirits of the area and asked if they had any friends nearby who’d like their photos taken.

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Cosmic Portals | The Flap Over Trans-

earth heart

Trans-gender – trans-racial – the news media and many conservatives are in a tizzy about how “deceptive” our current focal points – Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal – have been. Has anyone stopped to think how deceptive much of humanity is already – pretending to be what they are not, and creating pretenses about money, position and social standing.

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Earth Share | Wood Nymphs

IMG_20141203_203813 (1)

Wood Nymphs are the attendants of the Faery Queen. In ancient Greece Artemis (Diana) the Goddess of hunt and moon had Wood Nymphs as her companions.The Wood Nymphs’ bodies become part of the trees they inhabit, their beauty is mesmerizing. They are known to be the symbol of good luck, protection, lucid dreaming, and grounding energy.

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From Our Friends – Tracy’s Finds

Ancient Trees of Britain - 3

Our media director, Tracy Paddy, has a very close connection to the nature people. Images of nature spirits just pop up for her whenever she goes on the web. Here are some she’s found and let the rest of us at Crystal Life enjoy….

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