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From Our Friends | Faerie Magazine

faerie magazine trees

All things Faerie can be found at Faerie Magazine’s image-rich Facebook page, website and quarterly magazine. This magazine states it “celebrates everything magical and extraordinary” and has an international following that submits amazing photos and articles on the faerie realms. Some of the work is imaginative, some cultural, there are articles about the respect for the faerie realm in other world cultures, and also faerie clothing and products for sale.

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Cosmic Portals | Spiritual Unrest

Navajo - Sun

“There’s something I should be doing, I just don’t know what…”

I hear that refrain often from our customers, and friends. No matter how serious they are about their spiritual discipline…there always comes a time when what was once satisfactory is no longer so. Which leads to more searching.

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Earth Share | Grid for Nepal


In efforts to offer assistance to those affected by the recent earthquakes in Nepal, we have created this crystal grid. It’s intention is to guide those who lost their lives and to bring peace and healing to the land and it’s people. It is also designed to balance the ley lines that run through the Nepalese area.

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Cosmic Portal | All Things Fairy

Lady Troll by Atala Toy

The realm of nature spirits is so popular that today you can acquire the parts to help you express your connection to these realms in many ways. A trip to the local stores around Geneva, Illinois show fairy gardens, fairy jewelry, fairy clothing in many stores ranging from Heinz’ Flowers to The Little Traveler, and Crystal Life

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Earth Share | Reiki Walks with Dogs

after a walk with Valentine 3

As I pick up the leash, it lets out a little jingling sound. My dog, Valentine, always eager to step out for a fresh air adventure, races to my side. No faster than I put her harness on, her nose is at the door ready to go. Our walks are never boring. Valentine knows her neighborhood very well and always takes me on her favorite loops. In return, she has inspired me to look forward to our walks as well. As we begin, I can feel Reiki filling our space. It was Valentine who brought this very Reiki to my life.

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From Our Friends | High School Totem Pole

Salvador Navarro - Guardian Angel Tree Close Up

Salvador Navarro writes us: This tree resides on the property of a local high school in West New York, NJ. I have passed it several times a day for years and never noticed the tree spirit until recently. I immediately saw the image of what feels to be a young girl kneeling in prayer, she even has a halo above her head.

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Cosmic Portals | Resetting Your Vision

Enjoy your Saturday mornings with a visit to our Cosmic Portals blog, where we share interesting news from the world of interdimensional communication with our Crystal Life community.

This is our twentieth anniversary of our company. It was a group project from the start. And, frankly, as so often has happened over the years, it was my inner team who encouraged me to take chances that I, as a normal human being, considered far above my potential to achieve.

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Earth Share | Crystal Share

We love to see what other people are creating with their specimens and tumbled stones, as well as how you like to wear your crystals and gemstone jewelry! We’re inviting you to share with Crystal Life and our social media friends your images of your crystals, crystal grids, even how you accessorize your look with crystals.

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