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From Our Friends | Micro-Man


One warm late summer day I decided it would be fun to experiment with what could be seen in the natural world up close. I wanted to experiment with what could be seen from yet another perspective. So I took out my 60m jewelry close-up lens and attached it to my Nikon, took only that camera, and headed out to one of my favorite locations – LeRoy Oakes Nature Preserve in St. Charles, IL.

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Nature Spirits | Chiricahua HooDoos

Lady of the Rocks by Nature Spirit Photographer Atala Toy

Here are some stone beings I communicated with at the Chiricahua National Monument, Cochise County, Arizona.

How does such communication take place? I can describe what it means for me. It means shifting my internal focus by “consciousness dowsing” until I find that band of energy in which the other life form exists. Then I settle into my heart chakra and make contact with the life form.

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Cosmic Portals |Practitioner’s Tool Box


As a practitioner, the issues of your clientele are obviously going to vary. The tools and information required to help them along will depend on their needs. Working with crystals is not an exception. Each crystal has a list of properties, and they are not always going to apply to the work you are doing. On the other hand, there are stones that just about everyone can use. Here are three stones have been found to be of assistance in any situation.

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Cosmic Portals | Human Evolution – The New Consciousness


It’s no secret that as a species we have developed new skills, abilities, and appearances over time and through necessity Having better health practices and better diets has allowed us to develop as a species, but what about those aspects that are more instinctual? While we’ve marveled at the abilities of our bodies, we’ve pretty much ignored what we are capable of when we go within. However, the children of the new consciousness are the next wave of instinctual evolution on our planet. Why are we moving in this direction?

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Cosmic Portals | Expanded Perceptions


We began using the term expanded perceptions at our Blue Papaya Youth Group as a gentle way of describing how individuals feel, sense and perceive at much heightened levels. Having expanded perceptions, and being aware of your sensory capabilities, means that you may perceive through all your senses, just one, or a variety. For Indigo’s, it is never just one sense effected.

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