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Win – Flower of Life Pendant – Amethyst Cathedral!

Double Flower of Life Pendant

You can win our very popular large Flower of Life Medallion Pendant just by placing an on-line order at Crystal Life! Every order we receive between March 1 and June 5 is being placed in a special bowl. At our re-dedication ceremony on June 6, Geneva’s Mayor Kevin Burns will draw the winning raffle.

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Crystals for Dragon Energy


The ruin walls cast shadows across the moor, the rolling grey splatters against the soft blue sky. Among the ancient stones lies a dragon, its fiery breaths rumbling in its chest. Embers of a roar hidden within its quiet breaths. Curled against the pools of gold and mossy stone it sleeps, tucked away in dreams of soaring, casting its golden crimson across the starry sky.

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California Buddies

The Wild Thing

You can’t make these things up!!! My inner team took me to task for taking so many photos of our nature friends…and then not doing anything with them. So they put me on a strict regime of culling through my photos and keeping only those I would do something with. Tough love!!!

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