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Cosmic Portals | Types of Nature Spirits

12 tree-man-full-face-cp-Edit-1

It was back in 1995 that I began to consciously communicate with spirit beings. It started with angels and evolved over time to include nature spirits of many kinds. I have an affinity for wood elves, gnomes and the green people, and have come to have contact and conversation with many other species of nature spirits including leprechauns, trolls, ladies of the forest, and local deva. I’ve taken photos of many of these beings, as they have manifested themselves in rocks and trees.

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Cosmic Portals | Green Men Personalities

Poinciana Greenman

Green men and green women are real life forms. I frequently encounter them in the woods when I go exploring for communicative trees. As in all relationships, interactions depend upon the meeting of two personalities. In my case, interactions are warm, friendly, companionable, and informative. It’s like getting together with family.

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From Our Friends | Spirit Photography and Lens Flare

Close up

We are so grateful that our readers want to share with us their personal photographs that show anomalies they are seeking to understand, or wish to show others. One such anomaly is lens flare, and the accompanying images that this produces.

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Cosmic Portals | The Only Constant is Change


Change – what does that mean to you? Is it a positive or a negative in your life? It can be a focal point around which all else revolves. We try to remind customers of this, when they come into our store seeking a stone to help them work through some change that is either in their life – or that they want or need to make.

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